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Coldplaying Asks Coldplay: it's YOUR TURN to ask the question! (CLOSED: find out the winning questio

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We have some pretty great news for you! While our next installment of Coldplaying Asks Coldplay will be posted very soon, we thought that, for the following one, YOU should get the opportunity to ask a question to your favourite band!


Think of the ONE thing that you have always dreamt to ask them, but never had the opportunity to..all these days scrolling through The Oracle, thinking "geez, I wish my question would be answered"...all these tweets and facebook comments, among thousands and thousands of others, like a needle in a haystack...Well, maybe this is your shot!


How it works:

  • From today until the 30th June 23:59 CET, post the question you would like to ask the band.
    Now, of course we can't flood them with MILLIONS of questions..so you will vote for the question that you think is the best (most relevant/interesting/unique..).
    The vote will take the form of a click on a green "thumb up" on the question. We will pick the question that has the most "thumbs up" on the deadline.
    So that there is no confusion, please only post one question per post!
    Moreover, please make sure to read every question that is posted here before sharing your own question, so that there are not too many similar questions. Again, this is to make sure that there is no confusion, and to increase your chances for your question to win!
    You cannot put a thumb up on your own post, so you cannot vote for yourself. However, you are free to convince other members to vote for your question, by explaining in your post why this question deserves to win.
    In the event of a tie, there will be a poll with the most popular questions, to determine which one should win.


The question:

  • The question may be sent to all the band members. Now if the winning question is directly asked to Will/Chris/Guy/Jonny+Phil, that works too, but keep in mind that this is an opportunity to get your question across to the whole band. (I'll just let that sink in for a sec :awesome: )
    While we would love to hear more and know everything about their upcoming album, A Head Full Of Dreams, they are obviously entitled not to answer any question that would reveal too much...So it's up to you to try and work around that ;)
    Basically, they are entitled not to answer any question that they find offensive/invasive/seriously-too-creepy-who-are-these-people-even...so be responsible with your question and your vote!

We would hate to see this incredible and rare opportunity go to waste!



The winning question will be sent to the band on 1st July, to have an answer to share with you in the following weeks.



So get your thinking caps on, Coldplayers! :D

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Being older, wiser and having a lot of knowledge and experience: if you've got the chance to rewrite 1 song, which one would it be and how would it sound?

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(I know this will never get chosen here, but...) I would truly be interested if Chris has anything to say about this:


Chris Martin (2005) "I think shareholders are the great evil of this modern world."

Chris Martin (2015) Shareholder of TIDAL

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