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[18-SEP-2015] Coldplay iHeartRadio Music Festival, Las Vegas

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Can we please update first post with


Event time:








stream link:





That way everyone can just refer newcomers to refer to first post as opposed to me digging for my comment in the middle of page 2 somewhere?



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I assume you mean, is anyone attending going to periscope it. To that I say: I don't who is going, but I would hope they put the cameras away and just enjoy it rather than give us a crappy quality view of what they see.

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Oh my god, if I were to have my choice for a Coldplay iHeart lineup it would be


1. Clocks

2. In My Place

3. Low

4. Paradise

5. Magic

6. New LP7 Song

7. Midnight

8. Charlie Brown

9. New LP7 Song

10. New LP7 Song

11. Viva La Vida

12. The Scientist

13. ETIAWF (M.M.I.X intro)

14. O (Postcards From Far Away intro)





16. Square One (with countdown)

17. New LP7 Song

18. A cover

19. Violet Hill

20. GPASUYF (Just by Radiohead riff Outro)

21. New LP7 Song

22. Atlas

23. Fix You

24. Speed Of Sound

25. Politik

26. One I Love


(Oh well I can dream)


Yeah.. Perhaps try subtracting about half the number of songs you have there and it might seem vaguely realistic

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