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New Xylobands for upcoming coldplay tour!

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Xylobands have released a video on youtube revealing their new xyloband model with a new colour changing sequence to Charlie Brown! These will most likely be used in Coldplay's upcoming tour.




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I wish I could get one of those if Coldplay will use it for the LP7 tour. A very kind Coldplayer once gave me a spare xyloband from the MX era and it is still with me until today. The band didn't visited our country on that tour but the xyloband somehow fill up that hole. I'm forever grateful :nice:

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I exchanged messages with Jason Regler last week and he almost confirmed Xylobands involvement with Coldplay on the next tour.

He said, "plans for tours with certain artists were in place ' and followed it with a wink!

I for one, can't wait to see Coldplay and Xylobands reunited!

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