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Amazing Day Guitar Cover

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Wow, this is really great.


For someone like me who has'nt any musical talent it is also pointing out what an amazing part the gitar has in the song.


Goosebumps all over.


Can someone please do a bass cover please. ;)

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Love the tone. beautiful. Doesn't it bug you to see the video played as a mirror image? maybe i'm just neurotic. Is that a stratocaster? Interesting with that hollow body thing going on. I would love it if you'd just send me that guitar and i could keep it. haha. beautiful tone mate

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Hi Guys


I (hope) I've learned most of Amazing Day. Some parts were a bit messy as the quality of the recording is not studio quality so I did my best.


tell me what you think :)


I really enjoy this new coldplay song.




I noticed now... Somebody sleeping in the background?? :D

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Wow thanks for all your feedback guys and no lol thats not someone sleeping it's just my messy bed hahahha


I unfortunately don't do TABS as I just find them mesh well with them too much. I might put a tutorial out once the album comes out and I can hear the song much clearer.


Anways, here is to a new coldplay era and more Jonny Buckland riffs and tones.

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