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Mila Fürstová to release documentary

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Mila Fürstová will be releasing a documentary, which will involve Coldplay, at the end of the year. The release is currently scheduled for December :) :gs:


Mila is of course the artist who designed the Ghost Stories artwork. You can view all her works here



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So wish I could go!

From Mila's Website http://furstova.com/news/news/

Wings for Coldplay

Full length documentary film by Peter Hirjak

Premiere and Private view with solo show of new works

Camden Town, London, March 2, 2017



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So where do I begin and what can I say?


First of all, the Wings for Coldplay documentary premieres tomorrow. It's planned to be screened in the cultural venue 'Rudolfinum' in Prague. I assume it's only for people who have been officially invited. (In my opinion it might be a proper cut as the early cut was shown in London in 2017.)


This information is mentioned in an interview with Míla Fürstová which was released on the Czech news portal iDNES.cz on 27 April this year.


Secondly, I have translated the whole interview from the aforementioned article. You can read it below. (source)



A member of Coldplay calls his house Mila's gallery, amuses artist Fürstová

Her graphics grace galleries all over the world. Czech artist Míla Fürstová became most famous when she designed the cover of an album by the music band Coldplay five years ago. Nowadays she's preparing for the Prague premiere of the Wings for Coldplay documentary which is not only about her and was shot by director Peter Hirjak.

The film will be introduced in Rudolfinum for the first time on the 23rd of June. How did the idea of shooting it originate?

It definitely wasn't my idea. When I had an exhibition in the Miro Gallery in 2015 which is located in the beautiful space of a former castle in Strahov in Prague, director Peter Hirjak also attended it. After its end he approached me and asked whether we wouldn't like to make a short documentary. And I agreed.


Was it difficult?

Mainly it was new experience for me. When director Hirjak began shooting, he would be angry with me now and then because I wouldn't tell him some things. I'm an introvert and I'm not used to narrating a lot, however, he had a good directional approach so soon I got a feeling that I could talk to him completely openly. And he captured it well. That's why the documentary gradually got bigger and in the end it doesn't merely revolve around a Czech artist and the band Coldplay but it also became a story about courage to have own dreams and about who helped us on our way to them.


The documentary didn't come into existence until you artly made the cover of the Ghost Stories album from 2014 for Coldplay. Thus, it interests me, what the document captures.

When the director arrived in Great Britain, he started searching roots of the singer of the band Chris Martin. For example he noticed that there are various parallels between his and my childhood such as family background, education and then primarily the fact that both of us have been big dreamers since our childhood.


So did the singer of the band appear in the documentary?

It's half about the band and half about me. Coldplay doesn't usually allow anything similar but in this case they directly shot something for the film and partly provided their own records. They even invited Peter Hirjak to their recording studio as well Chris Martin gave him an interview in Argentina.


What was your relationship with the frontman of Coldplay during the collaboration on the cover of the Ghost Stories album?

It was very intense during the creation. Back then I had approximately a 5-month baby and at the beginning Chris was worried that it would be too exacting for me. However, he liked my style and saw that I gave it my all so he supported me. In the middle of the project I became pregnant again, thus, when he saw me with a baby bump I could tell that he was afraid if I was able to do it. The album alone is about a harder time in his life and it looks contemplative. And he gave me the right to depict it so we often addressed the final result.


In all honesty, I wouldn't expect that making the rendition of an album will be such a science and that the band will become involved more considerably.

I was enormously pleasantly surprised by the fact what artists they are through and through. They understood that the cover art is the first thing which a listener sees and that they couldn't hire somebody from the outside who would make a draft in few weeks. They wanted the author to feel the album the same way as them. Enough space and time was necessary for that.


So was it straight their initiative that they were intervening in it?

Probably yes, but simultaneously I think that it also stemmed from me. Before that point I never did commissioned work even though I tried to do so several times. I perceive it as a deal and in that case I can't manage to create anything good. That's why the only way was going through the whole process together.


Did you listen to their comments?

That wouldn't be possible if I did every single thing my own way. They also gave me the album before the completion and I would constantly listen to it over and over when I started drawing. On the basis of the lyrics of the songs I subsequently illustrated their thoughts.


You created pictures for each single from the album. However the most well-known one is the motive of wings on the cover art. How was that one made?

In the beginning we couldn't reach an agreement much. Thus, it came to the point that Coldplay filled the walls of the recording studio with my graphics so they lived with them daily. On one of them Chris spotted a motive of wings and asked me whether it was possible to draw something into them. We agreed on that and afterwards I had absolute freedom.


What did the collaboration consist in?

Given that I created using the technique of etching, it wasn't possible to change the completed parts much. So I worked piece by piece and continuously sent the band illustrations how the wings were progressively growing.


Who all kept track of what you were working on?

The entire collaboration with Coldplay was a great secret. I couldn't even talk about it to my parents.


Why wasn't it possible?

Because we started collaborating the moment when they had been making the album. For example they still kept its name 'Ghost Stories' a secret. I'd never worked with anybody similar before, so when the news about what they were actually preparing emerged, I was shocked by the media circus surrounding me that instantly broke out.


Did the collaboration end with this deal?

Each of their album is completely different and created by different artists which is great. So in this respect the collaboration was over. Now we're only in a friendly relationship. I value this collaboration a lot but I wouldn't even like to be the court artist of Coldplay.


Do you ever see each other?

All of them live in Los Angeles and I primarily in England but we sometimes meet. For example when they had a concert in Cardiff they invited me and we had dinner together.


Is any of your pictures hanging at Coldplay's home?

Yes, they have some. One of the members even calls his house with exaggeration "Mila's gallery".


Apart from many of your own artworks, later you did commissioned work for example for Mattoni or the singer Miro Žbirka.

Such work I still accept very rarely but unless I perceive it as a commission then why not. I got to know Miro Žbirka when he attended my exhibition. Afterwards he asked me with his wife if I wouldn't adapt his album artly.


Did you hesitate?

After Coldplay I declined all the offers of album covers for a long time, I didn't even want to establish myself that way. But it came at the right time with Miro Žbirka, on top of that he's a person who I'm fond of. I also enjoyed the subsequent collaboration.


What bands have approached you for a collaboration?

A lot of offers have come from all over the world. Some of them were from well-known bands, however, I cannot reveal their names.


You display your pictures all over the world, can they be also seen in Prague?

As I've said, I've been working with the Miro Gallery for a longer period of time. I've had two exhibitions there so far. It was in 2015 and last time a year ago.


Have you already been preparing a new exhibition?

Currently I'm negotiating that my first big monograph would be released in the Czech Republic. Supposed that we arranged it and it truly happened by the end of this year, it could be followed by another exhibition in Prague.




Lastly, there is a page 'www.wingsforcoldplay.com' that shows up on Google while searching, however, it doesn't reveal anything much when it's opened as it hasn't been connected to the World Wide Web. However, in its preview in the result it is said that the documentary will be screened in cinemas since this summer.


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Not to be rude, but isn't the whole thing a little bit overload-ish for an artist who just made an album cover? They talk about the art process like it's rocket science and came with huge, life changing obstacles.

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Not to be rude, but isn't the whole thing a little bit overload-ish for an artist who just made an album cover? They talk about the art process like it's rocket science and came with huge, life changing obstacles.

Long time no see Batman ! And yeah, I agree. Had the same feeling about the Chainsmokers documentary to be honest (which I worked my way through to see the Coldplay/Chris scenes)

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The trailer for 'Wings for Coldplay' has been released recently. Finally!





Points worth mentioning:

  • The movie premiere takes place in Prague on February 2nd
  • The film is supposed to be screened in various towns in the Czech Republic
  • The director is planning on projecting the motion picture in some cities around the world where Coldplay performed during the A Head Full Of Dreams Tour

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It's been so long I completely forgot about this!

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Just watched the trailer. I don't wanna throw shade at the producers, I know this was made with a lot of passion and all but...if the film is interesting, the trailer imho didn't reflect it.

No hint at whether we're gonna see any of Mila's thought/working process, or how music influences her art or anything, just people saying nice things about her :/

I hope the actual film is better than the trailer.

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