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Secret Santa 2015 #ChristmasIsComing (Cards are on their way!)

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aa, but maybe some happy little vegemite you could email!


Merry Christmas! with a very low pitched voice, Hou-wow


Here is for you, and you and you! Imaaaginary presents! :loveshower: :bliss: in an imaaaginary world

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After debating with myself for quite a while, I now signed up, too ! :loveshower: This will be my first time participating. I hope I get something Coldplay-themed ! Whoever my match will be will also get something Coldplay-themed, I promise !!! :D

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Note to Santa: Pair me with a mod so I can make friends in high places ;)


Lol, I hope you get your mod and you will get sent a gift card in Mylo Xyloto design and a CD with a mashup of ETIAW and Princess Of China or a signed picture of Ariana Grande (no, just kidding :P)

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I did not get my match Santa. [emoji26]

I have been unable to send you PMs (please check your settings, this option might be disabled), therefore I sent your match's details to the email address you gave me when you signed up. Please check your inbox and your SPAM folder in case you don't find it. Please send me a PM as soon as possible. :)

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