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Army of One

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one of the things i love most about this song is Jonny's riff at the end :heart:

I feel this song is gonna be even better live. I absolutely love it. This should be the 2nd single. I'd say this song packs the most punch out of them all. It starts off with Will hitting the drums, not banging, but hitting, along with an echoey reverberating voice mod of Chris. Similar to AOAL. The climax of the song is when Chris sings the high falsetto part, "Cause you are, cause you are, cause you are".. Plus the chorus start off with Chris singing, "Cause I never say die". I feel like this is the hidden gem of the album.


I love everything about this song but I'm trying to be objectively about it. If that's a word :P

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This song is growing on me like crazy , its going to be the Ink of this album for me because at first I didnt like Ink when GS leaked but, by the time the actual album was released, I had come to love it and now it is one of my favourites from GS, same thing with this one, at first i was like MEEEH but now i like it a lot!

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And the award to the most annoying looping chopped-up background vocal goes to...Do-it Do-it from ARMY OF ONE !!


I could see this song being used in the background of a Nike commercial

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