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Up&Up would have to become the longest track Coldplay has released, right? The song it self is like 7 minutes long at least, and then followed by X Marks The Spot which could be what, at least 2 minutes. So a 9 minute (at least!) Coldplay track. That's pretty awesome.

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I pray that the studio production does not fail what we are hearing here tonight. This has the potential to be a top 5 track for me and for that to happen 15 years along and 7 albums in will be something special.


Well considering Amazing Day and AOAL get better with evey live performance, I have no doubt the studio version will be phenomenal!!


7, 7, 7........ what's with the 7's now???:D


Well, 42 is a litte extensive, no? :p


First line of their first release:


I wanna be bigger, stronger, drive a faster car




More stuff to add to the "Coldplay Songs Referencing Other Coldplay Songs" thread! ;)

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I have no words- this song is amazing. It's this mix of like so many influences and it's amazing!! Also- there is no better album closer (and technically band closer) than The End. Pure classic, and the lyrics are just amazing what a farewell.

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yeah, really loving the simplicity. this definitely is a curve ball from the general lack of genuine emotion expressed in a none contrived way in the recent songs.


btw, saw you didn't like it batty :) give it time. maybe the album version would change your mind. really didn't care for amazing day at the beginning. now it has grown to a pleasant song.

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