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[PrayForParis] A short text by a french

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And please don't forget what happens in the Non-European/US part of the world nearly every day. For example today: Nigeria - suicide bombing, 49 dead.

These attacks are carried out by the same or similar groups like the Paris bombing, but sadly the media don't give a damn about it because it's not in Europe/US. :(

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I'm still in shock after these terrible events. I should have been in the area, but after an exhausted working day I stayed at home. I know some people who were there.


As a teacher, I had to talk about all this with my pupils. Some of them have lost relatives.


Thanks for the support from all around the world.

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This is very deep




I'm not sure I can finish watching it. It's the scariest thing someone could ever live. But I still believe we'll find our road to happiness, we should never give up.

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