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[2016-07-05] Telia Parken, Copenhagen, Denmark

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I have two tickets to sell for July 5th - Section B1 Row 28 Seat 14 & 15

face value - PM me if interested (I'm going, but I had bought two pairs, and need to sell one)








Hello all...


Any chance of more seats being release for the shows in Copenhagen? I'm coming over from New York with my wife and two friends so would stink to not be able to see the shows. In the US I'm pretty good at always getting tickets, but with the "no resale" laws in Denmark that makes trusting secondary sellers nearly impossible.


Any ideas, thoughts, or help getting tickets would be so very much appreciated.


Thank you thank you,



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Coldplay’s show in Copenhagen on 5 July will be broadcast on radio P3. And here is a link to the radio player :http://www.dr.dk/radio/live/p3/


Tonight’s concert can be followed live in text and pictures on www.eb.dk (website of the Danish newspaper Ekstra-Bladet). A review (in Danish) of the concert will be posted there immediately after the end of the concert. I might translate it tomorrow and post it.


Before the concert on 5 July:


An 8-minute-long interview ABOUT Coldplay on TV (TV2) in the programme “Go’ Morgen Danmark” from 9.10 to 9.18am Central European Time


Host Mikkel talked to a radio host (sorry, but I did not get his name) from radio station P7 Mix: They talked about Coldplay having an image as a band playing “whining rock” and having made several classics with “sing-along” effect. Many of their biggest songs having refrains inviting the audience to sing along.


How being HUMBLE is almost a mission statement from the band.


About Chris Martin being famous also via his marriage to Gwyneht Paltrow even though now divorced. If he met the 3 other Coldplay members in the street he would not recognize them. They look like the neighbor.


The wristbands blinking and lighting up in synch with the music were mentioned.


Coldplay distinguishes itself from other bands with their special SOUND and VOCAL. When hearing Chris singing, you immediately realize that a Coldplay song is being played.


They talked about Coldplay being for all ages having both very young fans (children) and very old fans.


There has been a development in the course of the 15+ years of Coldplay. FROM Parachutes released in 2000 with melancholic/sad songs (an example of this – Yellow – a snippet hereof was played – lyrics dealing with pain thus their “whining rock” image) TO the latest album A Head Full of Dreams released in December 2015 with more pop songs / more mainstream songs. Example of this: Up and Up was played.


They talked about the more poppy / mainstream sound having led to Coldplay having lost several fans. The P7 Mix host / moderator agreed that many fans that were very much into the first two Coldplay albums might not be Coldplay fans anymore.


They talked about the 2 sold-out concerts in Parken tonight Tuesday 5.7 and tomorrow Wednesday 6.7 with an audience of up to 45,000 people. - (I think that I have read that Parken can host around 38,000 people).


The P7 Mix host would like Rihanna to show up at the concert and do the duet “Princess of China” with Coldplay as she will be performing in Parken on Thursday. So he hoped that she would turn up.


(Personally, I do not think that she will turn up – she did not in Stockholm, so why here in Copenhagen? )


The P7 Mix host will be meeting Coldplay later today (the exact time was not stated. :) He will be doing 2 15-minute-long interviews with 2 Coldplay members. The P7 Mix host will be going to the concert today Tuesday 4.7


His favourite is The Scientist. The interview ended with a long snippet of The Scientist.


Ekstra-Bladet 5 July 2016 had an article about Coldplay’s concert tonight (page 11).


I took some notes, but failed to write down the author of the article. This is based on my notes from reading this written paper in the library):




CM is the most famous of the members. The names of the 3 others were mentioned.


Many lines about Chris Martin’s private life: About Chris Martin’s marriage to American actress and Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow, then their break-up published in 2014 as “conscious uncoupling” after 13 years of marriage and 2 children - Moses, 10 years old and Apple, 13 years (wrong there, Apple is years old), - they had separated 1 year before it was published. Then CM had a love affair with US-actress (and Oscar-winner) Jennifer Lawrence, and now he has a relationship with 31-years-old blond British actress Annabelle Wallis. She is accompanying Chris on tour (she posted from Glastonbury and Stockholm).


The tour started in South America in March. The 2 concerts in Parken, Denmark are the last 2 European concerts before continuing the tour in the USA.


Coldplay have been in Denmark many times:


Coldplay was one of the headliners at Roskilde Festival in 2003 and 2009. In 2005 Coldplay was playing in Forum in Copenhagen on their Twisted Logic Tour. Coldplay was in Herning in 2009 (Viva la Vida era) and in Parken in 2012 on their Mylo Xyloto Tour. And now Coldplay is visiting Copenhagen on their A Head Full of Dreams Tour.


The concert on 5 July was planned to be the only one this time in Copenhagen, but an extra concert was arranged for 6 July 2016 because tickets for the first concert were sold-out in only 35 minutes.


Tonight’s concert can be followed live in text and pictures on www.eb.dk. A review of the concert will be posted there immediately after the end of the concert.


BT on the last page about Coldplay and their concert in Denmark 5 July 2016




Chris Martin and Coldplay are visiting Denmark and giving concerts in Parken today and tomorrow respectively


Still going strong


Article in Danish newspaper BT by Michala Rosendahl / translated by Nancy Boysen


The band Coldplay is almost 20 years old. Thousands of fans are willingly/readily singing along to hits like “A Sky Full of Stars”, “Yellow” and “Magic”.


On November 2015 tickets for Coldplay’s concert in Copenhagen were sold out in 35 minutes. This led to the decision to have an extra concert the day after the originally planned Coldplay concert in Parken.


Coldplay frontman Chris Martin is playing piano, guitar, and he is writing their songs. This time Coldplay will spoil the audience with songs off their latest album (no. 7) that was released in December 2015.


Coldplay was formed at the end of the 90’s. The 39-year-old frontman has always loved music.


He formed his first band “the Rocking Honkies” with 2 school mates. At the university he met Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Guy Berryman, and they formed Coldplay.


Success came early to them, and now they have released their seventh album.


Chris Martin has also been successful as a solo artist and song-writer. He has worked with Nelly Furtado, Jay-Z and Kanye West.


Last year he was divorced from 4-year-older actress Gwyneth Paltrow after 12 years of marriage. They had met backstage at a Coldplay concert in 2002. They married in 2003 and have 2 children - Moses (10) and Apple (12). Today, they have shared parenthood.


After the break-up, Chris Martin dated American actress Jennifer Lawrence.




MTV had Top 7 at 7 with Coldplay today, Tuesday 5 July 2016 from 7am to 7:30am


7. Hymn for the weekend (with Beyoncé)


6. Fix You (2005)


5. Adventure of a lifetime


4. The Scientist from 2002


3. Magic


2. A Sky Full of Stars


1. Viva la Vida from 2008 (my all-time favourite)



MX (free paper): Metroxpress has studied Coldplay's "A Head Full of Dreams" tour. Remember raincoat because the roofs of Parken will not be on (so it will be like an open air" concert).


1: Arrival: Show up to support the singers Lianne La Havas and Alessia Cara who will be warming up for Coldplay. When showing your ticket, you will receive a colourful wristband.

2. Opening: You will hear the voice of opera singer Maria Callas. Rainbow-coloured stage with 3 big screens and a long catwalk. The band members appear without introduction with "A Head Full of Dreams". Confetti will be fired (off).

3. Visit the bar: 20 minutes after start of concert, you can easily go to the bar to buy a beer, because here Coldplay holds a hit break with the new song "Birds". But hurry back because soon "Paradise" will be starting with sing-along and huge laser show.

4. Rihanna: After 30 minutes the band members sneak out to a stage in the middle of stadium. Chris Martin delivers a speech of peace. There is a slight chance of Rihanna turning up to do the duet "Princess of China". She will be playing on Thursday in Amager (an island connected to Copenhagen via bridges) so she should have come to Copenhagen.

5. Goosebumps. About one hour after concert start, the band members have returned to the main stage where Chris Martin fires confetti into the audience to the song "Hymns for the Week-end" with Beyoncé's voice heard. Prepare for goose-bumps when Fix You is performed and the Park is full of lit-up mobile phones.

6. David Bowie tribute: Chris Martin was a huge David Bowie fan so he pays tribute to David Bowie with a cover of "Heroes", and the concert's climax is "Viva la Vida" and "Adventure of a Lifetime". Huge balls will be sent out to the audience. Then you will clap your hands enthusiastically during the next 6 hits before you leave Parken in a happy mood.

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Square One at the soundcheck right now.

Death and All His Friends at the soundcheck just now. They're probably not gonna play any of these, lol.

did they always soundcheck these songs :smash: definitely going super early if im ever going

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Oh wow, super hyped now for Square One and DAAHF, but then again they soundchecked One I Love during this tour too and never played it.


And about this long article, it was really interesting but I disagree with going to the bar during Birds :D

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Why the frick are they teasing us with all those great songs being soundchecked and never play them during the show. What have we done to deserve this?????



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