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[2016-07-05] Telia Parken, Copenhagen, Denmark

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no but he really - for whatever reason - strictly and categorically stuck to "sat on a roof" twice in live shows so far


oh yeah, i'm pretty sure the only time i've heard him sing the line the way it is on the album was when they debuted the song at GCF back in September :P


But that is about Dont Panic, not Shiver I believe.


Anyway :D


yeah, as soon as i typed it i had a feeling i was misremembering the song he was talking about. :rolleyes: worth a shot :P

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i was thinking about this last time there was a stream and someone brought it up

if they shorten the songs that allows them to play a higher number of songs within the same time period of 2 hours :thinking:


not sure if that's an actual reason, but it could be i guess :P



EDIT: sorry for the spam, i thought more people would have posted by now! :uhoh:


They could play longer than 2 hrs :D

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oh yeah, i'm pretty sure the only time i've heard him sing the line the way it is on the album was when they debuted the song at GCF back in September :P


haha no actually not - he even sang "sat on a roof" twice on that day. that's actually what really confused me when i listened to the song on the album for the first time cause having listened to the live recording of GCF so much i'd totally got used to that version:awesome:

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haha no actually not - he even sang "sat on a roof" twice on that day. that's actually what really confused me when i listened to the song on the album for the first time cause having listened to the live recording of GCF so much i'd totally got used to that version:awesome:

Yes, I remember that. At first I didnt even understand what he was singing on the album...

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haha no actually not - he even sang "sat on a roof" twice on that day. that's actually what really confused me when i listened to the song on the album for the first time cause having listened to the live recording of GCF so much i'd totally got used to that version:awesome:


then i guess the only time i've heard it is on the album! :| :P

i remember having a very hard time understanding what he was saying on the album... i'm so glad they have the lyrics section on the website now

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I don't like saying it, but in all honesty, Fix You has lost its emotional appeal to me in this new arrangement without organ and with the Midnight drumbeats. It just is not the same any more.

For me it's not the case. When I saw Chris singing live he looks he was into the song feeling every word he said. He just connects with the audience and waiting fans sing along with him. I think it just transforms in a moment where fans and Coldplay are a huge choir.

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^I like the old/normal version better, but I like the new one as well and you can really feel Chris' emotion. Apart from that I think it's great that they're trying to change songs they've been playing for a long time up a little, it feels like this version is special only for this tour.

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What an amazing concert. I found the sound very good and Chris' voice too - at least it was much better than I had expected.


I simply adore Viva la Vida so I looked forward to it. I found that Chris sang the lyrics a bit quicker than the accompanying violins. I must admit that I prefer the original study version which I heard at Central Park bar when arriving. It is my all-time favourite Coldplay song and among my favourite songs ever. That song still gives me goosebumps. When hearing the VLV intro there was a ROAR in Parken. People really liked VLV and also the next song Adventure of a Lifetime. Dancing and singing along. That was the climax as predicted by Metroxpress / MX.


Also loved Amazing Day - it gave me goosebumps.


After the concert I met with Jules - one of the Danish coldplayers. It was so very nice to meet her. I took the night bus home where I arrived at 2 am after a wonderful day and not least concert. I was very tired and went to bed almost immediately, because I would check on TV text TV whether there was anything about the Coldplay concert.


The only thing about the Coldplay concert was the press release from Live Nation (I received a short message from Ticketmaster) about the decision to have the roof on because of threatening (maybe heavy) rain showers.


My neighbour had seen an interview with 2 Coldplay members (she could not remember who - I guess that it would have been Chris and Jonny, but I do not know). They had said that their seventh album might be the last one, but that they liked the tour life so much.


I heard from the Danish radio station Pop FM (I came at the very end of the going through reviews, I'm afraid :) that the concert had got 5 stars in one newspaper - from message from Jules I gather that it would have been Ekstra-Bladet. He called the concert a TRIUMPH (5 stars). Also 5 stars from BT, the other Danish newspaper (in the tabloid category). 4 stars from GAFFA (a music magazine) according to the small message (SMS).


On the above-mentioned radio station - Pop FM - they discussed the sound. They were surprised that the SOUND was so good. Only a few weeks ago, Bruce Springsteen was in Parken. The concert would have been to 6 stars out of 6 if it were not for the sound that was simply terrible!!! So COLDPLAY must have invested in a good and improved sound system - the sound was much better than the last time Coldplay visited Parken. Also Chris's voice.


I am going to meet Jules in a little while, so I am not going to translate any Danish article today. I promise to give a summary of them - later. So long.

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I have looked for reviews and stuff about Coldplay in many Danish papers (mostly online) from 6pm until now (almost 8pm) and found this:


4 stars from BT - I have heard that BT.dk gave Coldplay 4 (maybe 5) stars, but I could now only find a summary of the other newspapers' evaluation of the concert published by news agency RITZAU. :( Headline of that summary: Coldplay making the Danish reviewers enthusiastic. Summary has been translated and posted in a later post.


5 stars from tabloid paper Ekstra-Bladet. Read the review online on eb.dk - headline there: Coldplay triumph in Parken (to be translated later on Sunday 10.7.16 when listening to Coldplay marathon from P7).


4 stars fromBerlingske Tidende (published in printed paper on 7.7.16) - to be translated on Sunday 10.7.16.


4 stars from Politiken.dk (only allowing non-subscribers to read a few lines up to 1½ paragraph. So I went to the library on 7 July and copied the review that was printed in today's paper). Will be published on Sunday 10.7.16.


4 stars from Jyllands-Posten


4 stars on front page / 5 stars inside the newspaper!! from Gaffa (music magazine). Reviewer used to like Coldplay more and is annoyed that Coldplay make use of pre-recorded backtracking - it is much too much. The reviewer criticizes Chris for regretting / being sorry for the Brexit votum and then wearing a Danish flag thus celebrating the national state. More form than contents for the reviewer Torben Holleufer from Gaffa. He concludes that the concert was okay with a popular orchestra. But he wants more vein of gold the next time. Article translated on 10.7.16.


Soundvenue (another music magazine): 4 stars and a picture of the band. Only text: Timing and prepared for the feelings / nerves.


MetroXpress or rather MX.dk (the free paper) had this headline: Coldplay in (almost) perfect popshow: It was so great. Headline referring to the fact that Rihanna did not appear onstage with Coldplay for a duet "Princess in China" as she was rumoured to be in Copenhagen (but having better things to do than to go to a Coldplay concert. (She did go in Paris, but probably the only time). Translated and posted in later thread in this thread.

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1. A Head Full of Dreams


2. Yellow


3. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall


4. The Scientist


5. Birds


6. Paradise


7. Always in My Head


8. Princess of China


9. Everglow


10. Clocks


11. Midnight


12. Charlie Brown


13. Hymn for the Weekend


14. Fix You


15. Heroes


16. Viva la Vida


17. Adventure of a Lifetime




18. ’Til Kingdom Come


19. Shiver (the requested song)


20. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face


21. Amazing Day


22. A Sky Full of Stars


23. Up&Up

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I will write more later. Maybe in a few days. There were some concert-goers interviewed and other stuff but time to have dinner and then football between France and Germany. Tomorrow Friday and Saturday work. But might find some time to do some translations of the easier stuff.


Please keep this thread alive.

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As promised:


Translation of a summary (from Ritzau's) of the reviews of Coldplay's first concert in Telia Parken in Copenhagen on Tuesday, 5 July 2016 plus a very favourable review from the free paper MetroXpress:


http://www.bt.dk/underholdning/coldplay-begejstrer-de-danske-anmeldere / from news agency Ritzau


Coldplay making the Danish reviewers enthusiastic


The first of two Coldplay concerts described as a triumph in tabloid paper Ekstra Bladet.


-Tuesday’s concert with Coldplay in a roofed Telia Parken was sweaty - figuratively.


The first reviews of the British band’s performance are all positive. They highlight i.a. frontman Chris Martin’s irrepressible charm.


- It is difficult to recall anything unfavourable to say about Chris Martin. Besides that he could think of leaving Gwyneth Paltrow (Chris Martin’s exwife, editor). He is that kind of rockstar who would rather offer to sweep your pavement than to throw up on it, tabloid paper BT's reviewer writes. Five out of six stars from BT.


Jyllands-Posten’s enthusiasm is more moderate. That newspaper’s reviewer thinks that Coldplay’s rock songs were the strongest, whereas the rest of the repertoire made the experience more uneven.


The overall evaluation is four stars.The reviewer would like a somewhat more courageous Chris Martin and Coldplay.


- You still feel that there was only one masterplan, and that in reality there was no chance of the band making something really spontaneous or hundred percent unpredictable. This according to Jyllands-Posten.


Ekstra Bladet thinks that "Coldplay triumphed in the Telia Park". Five stars were awarded for the concert, and the newspaper praises a colourful show.


- Effectful use of confetti, balloons and big screens almost made the gray national stadium look attractive, but Coldplay’s most powerful trick was again to hand out blinking wristbands to the audience.


- That does beat lighters and mobile phones. Wow, the newspaper’s reviewer writes, and he ends his review:


- Does anyone have a spare ticket for Wednesday?


There is an extra Coldplay concert in Telia Parken wednesday night.


/ritzau/ http://www.bt.dk/underholdning/coldplay-begejstrer-de-danske-anmeldere



Translation of MetroXpress's review of Coldplay concert in Telia Parken on Tuesday 5 July 2016


Coldplay delivered an (almost) perfect popshow: It was so cool


A visit by one special guest and it would have been the perfect night in pop heaven.


At 23:33 (i.e. a little before midnight) Chris Martin and company put an end to a two-hour-long lession in pop perfection.


Coldplay might have existed for almost 20 years, but Tuesday night in Parken they have never been stronger. Only one guest visit from Rihanna who is in Copenhagen to play a concert on Thursday could have topped (crowned) a masterpiece of a concert with constant confetti emissions and big choruses so that everyone dreaming of playing stadion tours sometime in the future should take notes.


Coldplay is back in high gear after the understated 2014 tour. On their latest album 'A Head Full of Dreams, the UK world stars played with the Norwegian production team Stargate, and their' larger than life'-pop templates fit perfectly to Coldplay's bombastic universe where Chris Martin constantly was running around on Parken’s three composed scenes so that no one in the audience could feel overlooked.


At the entrance the audience received special Coldplay wristbands that through the entire concert lit up in different colours so that Parken magically and quite brilliantly was transformed into a huge rave-scene dosed out over pop hits such as 'Paradise', the Beyoncé duet 'Hymns of the Weekend' and 'A Sky Full of Stars'.


Coldplay has the wildest back catalog in the world, and when already the second song is a song like 'Yellow', added yellow confetti and very excited singalong, then the success is secured.


Eight songs into the concert Rihanna appeared on the big screen to the common song / the duet 'Princess of China', but even though Rihanna is in Copenhagen, unfortunately she chose not to appear on stage even though many concert-goers had hoped to see Rihanna on stage.


But less could also do it. When Chris Martin was lying down on the stage leaving the singing of parts of 'Fix You' to the audience and then ran down the long audience catwalk with colored balloons flying around him to a crazy medley of 'Viva La Vida', 'Adventure of a Lifetime' and a beautiful salute to the late David Bowie with a cover of 'Heroes', you must dig deep into memory to find a cooler show.


Additionally, there was the impressive laser show, Chris Martin’s Dannebrog (the Danish national flag) in his back pocket, his appropriate amount of small talk with fans and so on and so forth. It was absolutely perfect, and you must of course look forward to Wednesday night if you are going to see Coldplay’s second concert in Copenhagen in a row.


Coldplay has previously mentioned that this should be their last world tour. If true, then they end in style.




By Kristian Dam Nygaard / translated by Nancy Boysen - 05/07-16 23:43

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Just saying hi, as I was at this concert and enjoyed it. Really liked GPASUYF, Shiver, Always in my Head, and Clocks, and the AHFOD opener.


I think the rock songs and old songs work better in general.... by the way did everyone see the little Coldplay hype/lazer party happening in the bar outside?

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You mean the Central Park bar where Coldplay music was played all evening? After the concert there were many people inside the bar - some people were dancing.


Tomorrow from 10am to 5pm (10 to 17 o'clock C.E.T.) the Danish radio station P7 Mix will have a Coldplay day playing a lot of Coldplay songs and talking a lot about the band and its history.

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