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[2016-06-29] Olympiastadion, Berlin, Germany

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Any idea how their laundry us managed and how many of their shirts,jackets and trousers they got in total ?! Would be really interesting to know. Especially Chris with sometimes changing three times each concert


From what I've read in Matt Mc Ginn's book they had their own washing machine(s) that they take on tour.


Probably is still the case (and a dryer, iron,...)

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Just got back from the concert. My final one and what an awesome atmosphere (even at the back - minus the smokers!) Probably just a bit better than Wembley on the Saturday.


Got a video of Til Kingdom Come / Du Hast at the C-stage. Getting the upload sorted :)

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This show was my first Coldplay show and I'm just flashed. It was AMAZING! The atmosphere, all these colours, the firework, all the nice and friendly guys....

I loved Fix You the most, I nearly started crying at this point. But songs like Viva La Vida, The Scientist, ASFOS, ETIAW, Everglow, ... - they all were awesome <3 ♡


I liked also the relaxed feeling everywhere. But isn't it unusual that the security doesn't really control what you bring into the stadium? In times like this, I was a little bit bemused about it ;)


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I'm gonna be there from 7pm I think. Last Coldplay concert for a while :o and my final Coldplaying one (as admin) :( Should be a great show! :D

I hope you are in the front row for everything you've done for Coldplay fans!! Enjoy!

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A few pictures from front row :)[ATTACH=full]4975[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4976[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4977[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4978[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4979[/ATTACH]

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