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The 'Instrumentals' Thread

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Discuss all your favourite instrumentals here, whether it's Coldplay or any other artists. I'll share a couple of my favourites that relate to me and you all can share some too! Let's get started with these four:




Magical and ambient, this Radiohead instrumental gem reminds me so much of a holiday earlier this year and makes me want to explore. My favourite instrumental.




A damn beautiful piano! This song relates to me as it makes me think sometimes of people who I don't see anymore and reminds me of all the good times I had in the past.




Can tell this will become my favourite Coldplay instrumental. So cool and colourful, reminds me of my holiday like Treefingers. I wonder what this will sound like on the album?




A piano-mixed song from Jon Hopkins. Awesome beat and an epic combine of different music. Such a solid track that could be used for Clubbing or Ambience. Reminds me of travelling down the motorway at night.

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