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[2016-06-24] Amsterdam ArenA, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Hi, I think I have met you at the Bakery last Sunday. [emoji4]


I'm going to be in 119 today.


Yes that was me, enjoy the concert tonight!


I was in 121 yesterday. Good spot. Have fun.


I'm block 121, row 2. I'm I bit scared that I'm not able to see the B-stage because of the tech stand in-between.

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Not many people here right now!


Verstuurd vanaf mijn ONE E1003 met Tapatalk

What a cool building! Enjoy, all! I wonder if they'll say anything about the EU vote outcome? Shocker!

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They do allow drinks btw, just without a cap.


Yeah that was nice, because it was bloody hot inside. The security at my entrance did not checked well, you can just hide the cap in your wallet and put it back inside the stadium.


Just a few more hours, enjoy everyone, it is definitely worth the wait!

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