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Ticket Exchange / Face Value Sales

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@Captain Crieff Thanks for the heads up. The ticket policy is pretty strict for this show, and rightly so given the capacity. Horrible seeing tickets go up at a stupid price on resale sites.

Looks like @JDCPham found a solution in the end. Do get in touch if you're still in need of some seats!

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Hi both, please bear in mind you need photo ID that matches the name on the ticket to enter, so you may want to contact the venue or promoter or check if there's an official way to swap tickets!

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Hello all, 

I know it’s a long shot… 

I don’t suppose anybody has a spare ticket for Coldplay’s gig at Shepherd’s Bush on Tuesday night? Just on the off chance. I suffer from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy so I would love to go whilst my heart is healthy. You can even go in for free as my carer as I’m on the access scheme. I’ll pay for your ticket too? It would mean the world to me. I will be travelling and staying in London on Tuesday regardless as you never know? 

thank you so much in advance,



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Yo I had some plans fall through and now I have 2 extra vip tickets for coldplay Seattle I’m selling at no up charge. they were expensive but I reeeeally want them to go to a coldplay fan and not some random person. Honestly idgaf about making extra money off them. Anyone interested? Also u can check my twitter for more explanation and stuff @carsquids . Because of ID verification well have to meet up in person before the concert and you’d walk in with me 🙂  

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