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Setlist predictions

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I'm sorry if this thread already exists.


But here is my prediction:


1. A Head Full Of Dreams

2. Birds

3. Yellow

4. The Scientist

5. In My Place

6. Magic

7. Hymn For The Weekend

8. Fun

9. God Put A Smile On Your Face

10. Charlie Brown

11. Paradise

12. Speed Of Sound

13. Amazing Day

14. Army Of One

15. Viva La Vida

16. A Sky Full Of Stars

17. Clocks

18. Viva La Vida

19. Fix You

20. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

21. Up & Up


Holy macaroni, all those good songs!

What is your prediction?

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Filled the "LP7 song" spots from a setlist I posted in another topic:


1. A Head Full Of Dreams

2. Paradise

3. In My Place

4. Birds

5. Viva La Vida

6. Fun

7. Kaleidoscope

8. Clocks

9. Fix You

10. Everglow

11. Hymn For The Weekend

12. Charlie Brown

13. Adventure Of A Lifetime

14. Magic

15. Midnight

16. A Sky Full Of Stars

17. Yellow

18. Amazing Day

19. Army Of One

20. Colour Spectrum + Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

21. Up&Up

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I think we can agree on most of songs posted above that will be in the setlist, because those are the biggest hits of the band. I do think that "A sky full of stars" will be the only song played from Ghost Stories (but I like Midnight with the special effects).

It would be great if they would play a 20+ setlist for the price people paid for a ticket (more than their setlist when I saw them play at the Malieveld in 2012).

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For sure there will be some differences between the legs of the tour so that said this is my prediction to the South America legs:


1- A Head Full Of Dreams

2- Yellow

3- Birds

4- Magic

5- Charlie Brown

6- Violet Hill

7- Hymm For The Weekend

8- Amazing Day

9- Viva La Vida



10- Everglow

11- Oceans

12- The Scientist or In My Place (Acoustic version)


[back to main stage with Kaleidoscope tape]

13- Adventure Of A Lifetime

14- Fun

15- Clocks

16- Paradise


1° Encore (Acoustic on a possible C-stage)


18- Till Kingdom Come or Shiver

19- Us Against The World or Dont Panic


2° Encore (with ASFOS long intro)

20- A Sky Full Of Stars

21- Fix You

22- Up&Up


Colour Spectrum tape at the ending


90% of these songs wil be played and some of them could have a new version ^^

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My prediction is this


A Head Full Of Dreams



Charlie Brown

Army Of One

Don't Let It Break Your Heart








True Love

Hymn For The Weekend


The Scientist



Adventure Of A Lifetime

White Shadows

Viva La Vida


Fix You

Sky Full Of Stars

Up and Up

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I think I have an absolutely genius idea, why don't they kick off each night with an absolute classic, Talk, and they come out in spaceman suits, with the backdrop of the moon and planets, I just think it has the kind of warm up that all the stadiums would love.

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My prediction:


1. A Head Full of Dreams

2. Yellow

3. Paradise

4. Clocks

5. Magic

6. Charlie Brown

7. Everglow

8. Birds

9. Princess of China

10. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face or In My Place (rotate)

11. Army of One

12. The Scientist

13. Fix You

14. Hymn for the Weekend

15. Fun

16. Amazing Day


Encore 1

17. Adventure of a Lifetime

18. A Sky Full of Stars

19. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall


Encore 2

20. Viva la Vida

21. Up&Up

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There are certain similarities in all our predictions. Nice. My version. Only wish: Bring back Politik!

Main Stage

1. A Head Full of Dreams

2. Clocks

3. Paradise

4. Adventure of a Lifetime

5. Magic

6. Yellow

7. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall

8. 42

9. Everglow



10. Birds

11. In My Place (Acoustic)

12. We Never Change


Main Stage

13. Fun

14. Politik

15. Viva la Vida

16. Hymn for the Weekend

17. Charlie Brown

18. Fix You



19. The Scientist (acoustic)

20. O (Fly On)


Main Stage

21. Amazing Day

22. A Sky Full of Stars

23. Up&Up

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My predictions :


1. A Head Full of Dreams

2. Violet Hill

3. Clocks

4. Politik

5. Paradise

6. Magic

7. A Sky Full of Stars

8. Everglow

9. Yellow

10. Speed of Sound

11. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face

12. What If

13. Charlie Brown

14. Hymn for the Weekend

15. Don't Panic

16. Everything's Not Lost

17. Viva La Vida

18. Adventure of a Lifetime

19. Trouble

20. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall

21. Up&Up



22. In My Place

23. The Scientist

24. Fix You

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1. A Head Full of Dreams

2. Ink

3. In My Place

4. Always in My Head

5. Violet Hill

6. Magic

7. A Sky Full of Stars

8. Everglow

9. Fix You

10. Speed of Sound

11. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face

12. Charlie Brown

13. Clocks

14. Talk

15. Shiver

16. Birds

17. Fun

18. Adventure of a Lifetime

19. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

20. Trouble

21. Up & Up

22. The Scientist

23. Yellow




24. Hymn for the Weekend

25. Viva la Vida

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Keep in mind the announcement that CP will be dedicating a portion of the show to song requests.


That being said, here's my wildest dreams...


Main stage

1. A Head Full of Dreams

2. Don't Panic or Shiver (rotation)

3. A Sky Full of Stars

4. Yellow

5. Hymn for the Weekend

6. Amazing Day

7. Everglow

8. Clocks

9. Lovers in Japan

10. Up&Up


B stage

11. Lost!

12. Violet Hill

13. *request*

14. *request*

15. *request*


Main stage

16. Adventure of a Lifetime

17. Everything's Not Lost

18. Till Kingdom Come

19. Cemeteries of London/White Shadows (rotation)

20. In My Place

21. The Scientist

22. Fix You



23. Paradise

24. Magic

25. Viva La Vida


UPDATE: 12/31/15 Just realized that The Scientist isn't on here. No one in their right minds would not put The Scientist on a Coldplay set, so I switched it out with Speed of Sound (song 21).

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In relation to my above comment, here's my thinking for each song:



Coldplay has done extremely well when they've opened the set with the first track on their new album. Square One and Mylo Xyloto/Hurts Like Heaven both served their places well.



Chris has said that they're enjoying playing older, not well known material. These are two gems from Parachutes that do not deserve to be ignored. The placement of this can show "hey, this is how far we've come since our beginnings."



It's not like the band to completely ignore an album in a full show, but who knows. I don't expect anything more than ASFOS and Magic to be played from Ghost Stories unless somebody suggests otherwise during the request portion.



Do I need a description?



I do think they'll end up playing this song live, but from the performance I've seen on YouTube, they need to do some serious work. Unless they end up touring with Beyonce, her overdubbed vocal part is unnecessary and kind of creepy.



After thrashers and fan favorites like Yellow and HFTW, Coldplay will need to take it down a bit. This and Everglow can serve that purpose while showing off some new material.



Read above.



Slowly taking the crowd back up as they approach the end of the first portion of the show. This is a good combination between White Shadows hardness and Parachutes-esq softness that can ease the crowd back in.



This probably isn't something that they're going to play, but it's among my favorites from VLV and is a good song that they could dig up from the vault. Also not too hard but not too mellow.



A great way to close out the set. You could also switch this one with Viva La Vida if you wanted to save another AHFOD song for the end of the show.



Often ignored, I think this song would be a great "don't worry, we're still here" song. The upbeat beginning grabs and pulls you in. Also one of my favorites from VLV.



One of Coldplay's best songs. Would be leaving the organized portion of the show on a ringing and strong note.



They haven't touched AHFOD for a few songs, and this would be a good way to say "hey, don't forget about this." I don't see them playing anything else from AHFOD due to the fan pressure for older era songs. Thinking Birds or X Marks the Spot might work its way in later on or be featured often in the request portion.



I would have put Spies here, but my thinking is that song has a lot of meaning for people and will be featured prominently in the request portion. This is a nice song to let fans cool down after AOAL. Also an awesome song to grab from the vault.



Keeping things on a quieter note before the VLV songs kick back in. Hoping maybe they could pull back the Ring of Fire ending -- that worked well on the Twisted Logic Tour.



I'm actually considering removing Cemeteries, but we'll keep it here for now. If you're going to play a deep cut (a really deep cut), then White Shadows is the one to do. I remember hearing that song for the first time and my head just going off. I can almost say that it's their best song no questions asked.



I agree with a previous comment that they could rotate this with GPASUYF, but I think the days of that song are over :(. Don't get me wrong, it's my favorite song from the first two albums, but nobody seems to want it anymore.



I know this is a pipe dream since Chris apparently hates the song, but it's a good song that casual and die-hard fans will both enjoy.



Awesome set closer! The ending of that song is sure to leave the crowd cheering for a long time. Could this possibly be rotated with Every Teardrop?



You can't completely ignore Mylo Xyloto but I just don't see the songs fitting in to this set that they're going after. This is just a good popular song that doesn't necessarily need to go with the feel of the rest of the album



Another pop number from Ghost Stories that probably won't be ignored. I find it forgettable, but whatever



I don't think they've ever tried this song as a show closer, but I think it would do quite well. The crowd could be singing the ending "oh-oh-oh-oh-oh" refrain as the band walks of the stage.


I know this isn't perfect, but hey -- sadly Coldplay shows can't be 40 songs long. I'll be glad to take feedback/constructive criticism to my set and my post as I'm new to Coldplaying. And I'll even respond to it!! Enjoy

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I think it's about time after 7 albums that the band will play for 2 hours and more.. Like other great bands ad U2 or ac/dc... What do you think?


Yes. Especially since they're doing their first STADIUM tour of the US! I live in Portland and I'm flying down to Levi's Stadium to see them at the end of the US tour.

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