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A Head Full Of Dreams Unboxing - #MyHeadFullOfDreams

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I ordered mine from the official store and it still hasn't arrived :(


Anyone else in the same situation?

My fedex tracking says mine has arrived but I'm at work :(

I have my itunes downloaded and have uploaded it to my google play so I can listen all day though :)

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Guest diogo_sg
It's the one that includes the VlV Cd and also a second Cd which is in fact a DVD including all the music videos of that Era

Oohh, cool [emoji4]

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Here's my unboxing of the Vinyl Edition! Love the poster. Though I wish it was a gatefold instead so that it could fit the format of the other Binyl Coldplay albums. There's a little too much bass when played but I guess that's with all new music these days.

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