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Let's Choose A Song For The Tour!

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I would love to hear one of these songs


- Up With The Birds

- Ghost Story

- 42

- The World Turned Upside Down

- Bigger Stronger

- Strawberry Swing

- Moving To Mars

- One I Love


my top choice of this list would be Up With The Birds. I'm dreaming of hearing it in a concert :-)

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I'd die if I heard these songs live:

•Crests of Waves

•A Rush of Blood to the Head



•Twisted Logic

•Prospekt's March

•Up With The Birds

•How You See You The World



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I would like X&Y, What if, speed of sound, Bigger stronger, hurts like heaven, major minus, 42, miracles, ghost story, ink, politik, got put a smile.

I'm guessing they will play new songs and ASFOS, viva, fix you, the scientist, paradise. But I want too of course.

I ask for the live at Nice in France

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Swallowed in the Sea

Life in tech ii

Hardest Part

Everythings Not Lost / Life is for Living

Death and all his friends / the escapist


Strawberry Swing

Dont Panic (live2003 style)

Til Kingdom Come

See You Soon


There are tons I would love them to play!

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