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Coldplaying Listening Party

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Thank you to everyone who participated and in particular to everyone who stuck with us until the end....ah yeah, only Nie :D

You know me, I can be hardheaded. [emoji23]

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Are we also going to do a doodle on the times as well? Because datewise I am pretty good for anything (uni summer holiday life). The 16th/17th might be good because it is closer to Christmas. But yeah whatever. I'm actually really excited for this one, idk last year's was just so good, it really made me feel all Christmasy ahahaha

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You have voted for the date - the Christmas Listening Party will take place this Saturday December 9th, 2017.


Please vote for the time now. Voting will be open for two days, the final time will be announced on Friday.



The file is already available for download:


This playlist is comparatively short (< 40 mins), so hopefully it will be easier to find a common time for everyone.

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