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Coldplaying Listening Party

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When the electic guitar comes in during The Scientist :heart:


Reminder: After The Scientist ends, there will be an exactly 10 minutes break. The break is already in the audio file as a period of silence, so please DON'T STOP THE AUDIO ! The sound will resume automatically after 10 mins.

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Just a fun fact I discovered today. There is a road in the Netherlands that plays the anthem of the region when cars ride on it under limit speed

Lmao, is this the right thread ? :D But I read about this too, and funny, my first thought was - imagine this was a Coldplay song !

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May we know it?

I find it very hard to even pick my favourite!


only just saw this, sorry!


here is my list:



1. A Message

2. In My Place

3. No More Keeping My Feet on the Ground

4. Glass of Water

5. Up With the Birds

6. White Shadows

7. Warning Sign

8. Ghost Story

9. Moving to Mars

10. Don't Panic



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Fun fact, Lou Reed was apparently in a bad mood that day and refused to play his most famous song at the festival. He didn't ask CP to play it, though, and when he later heard they had covered it he got angry.

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