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Coldplaying Listening Party

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Truly sorry all!! I still have only six good hours of energy per day before I collapse and have to lie down. After walking dog twice, doing my back PT regimen, getting groceries for baking my friend’s Xmas present then making two recipes and cleaning up, I am going to fall over. I wanted nothing more than to be with you all before the holidays and yet if I’d stopped, I could not have started up again.


I know a couple of you are aware of my limitations following surgery and in general, but some aren’t so I thought I’d explain that my “normal” max energy is about a third of a “normal” person’s, based on what I used to be able to do.



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Awn Sue I hope the best for you from now on! May the repeat party be nicer for you. :) If there's another one, I'll try my best to come! :D

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But I am especially sorry and grateful for the work I Ran Away put into this! I know it was extra hard this month. Nie, thanks to you too!!! [emoji450][emoji1623][emoji446][emoji441]



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Thanks for your kind words, but I'm gonna let you give me credit where credit isn't due:



The playlist was the exact same as 2016 and 2017. I simply pasted the old link :D


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Sorry for not showing up as well!

Looks like I missed a lot of fun :(

I have been quite busy studying and making tests since last week, till today! My head was exploded so I totally forgot it, I'm almost celebrating holidays and I promise I will make a note which says 'COLDPLAY LISTENING PARTY, AGAIN MISSING THE PARTY: A DAY WITHOUT CP SONGS.'

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