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[2016-08-27] AT&T Stadium, DALLAS, TX

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and the request song is...In My Place.

But hey, they played Don't Panic before it and Chris didn't actually interrupt the song for people to cheer Jonny!


omg, thank fuck for that.

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Ok clearly I am showing my ignorance here because I am not american haha. My bad


haha, it's ok! it was something that i thought was weird, like we all have individual flags so why would they use the state flags for some and not others?


i mean Arizona's flag is really the only one that looks good so that i can understand :P

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if only they were inspired to play the song :P

Yeah, I know. 3 concerts left in the US Tour leg...

I'm holding on because I'm stubborn but it is so disappointing that they even didn't like a tweet or an Instagram post or let us know that they saw it.

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AT&T stadium is horrible for concerts. I got very lucky this time around, because we had floor seats (Sec J, Row 8 - 2 seats from the catwalk), and for where I was sitting the sound was not terrible. I got a couple of songs recorded (one on my phone and 3 on my camera) and they all sound decent. The show was amazing!!! I was able to get a few good pictures (always hard with Chris because he's never still), and I inadvertently captured a crotch shot of Chris. (*Note - I am not especially tech savvy, but I will try to figure out how to load some videos and pictures.....eventually)


PS - the Texas flag thing is probably a result of "knowing your audience". Since Texas used to be it's own country, we are allowed to fly our state flag at the same height as the US flags. (if places fly both on separate poles, they will be the same height, if the same, US flag is flown higher). The TX flag is probably the most recognizable state flag of all the states in the US. It could be our pride **cough arrogance cough**

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