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[2016-02-24] Coldplay live at the O2 for War Child

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hmm, ok, I had an offer on FB but they cannot come to the venue as they do not live in London. I don't think it's a scam as they only want face value but it won't work then...

I saw it, they look genuine.

That's a shame, maybe they can contact war child to see if there might be some option? It would be horrible if two tickets for such an event go to waste.

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I'd love to go, but I just can't afford it :P


I do have a spare standing ticket for the Manchester Etihad Stadium on Saturday June 4th though...


If anyone has a spare standing ticket for this I'll swap you! :)

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Ah, okay. I thought you were trying for tickets...



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Nope unfortunately. I really wish I could go because if I could, I would celebrate my bday with two Coldplay shows. And there I said it for so many times :')

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