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Predict the next Coldplay live 2016 setlist

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For the next concert and from now on, post your setlist predictions, if you get them right you get a point, the person with the most points wins and gets rewarded after the entire tour


I'm predicting

Colour Spectrum

1. A Head Full Of Dreams

2. Yellow

3. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

4. The Scientist

5. Birds

6. Paradise

7. Everglow

8. Magic

9. Clocks

10. Midnight into Charlie Brown

11. Hymn For The Weekend

12. Fix You

13. Heroes (cover)

14. Viva La Vida

15. AOAL

16. Speed Of Sound

17. (Request) Trouble

18. In My Place or Don't Panic

19. Amazing Day


21. Up & Up

O (Reprise)

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So this one is for the Rio show;

My bet is the same as yours except for the requests; I can see Speed of Sound returning and maybe something from VLVoDaAHF

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