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[2016-9-3.4] Coldplay to Headline Made In America Festival

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Who else thinks Jay-Z or Rihanna might make an appearance during Coldplay's set tonight? After all, Jay-Z is a curator of the festival and Rihanna is another headlining act.

Yeah I was thinking the same thing too! Knowing Chris, he's probably also gonna wish Bey a Happy Birthday


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They just built a stage extension in like 15 minutes haha. Soon! I'm so hyped, o can't believe I'm going to be this close to Coldplay! Hope everyone enjoys the stream or whatever view they have. :-)

Have a good time!!! :) I'm already watching the stream, just sitting through some DJ's set at what looks to be the Liberty stage (I don't really listen to much EDM so I don't know the artist's name).

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I dont wanna bash DJs/EDM, but that set was exactly what I thought it was...


The guy just presses play and jumps around to hype the crowd and the there's pretty lights...ho hum.


Anywho, Coldplay's up next. More jumping around and pretty lights, but the music is at least (mostly) live, lol

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