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Can We Help This Love Struck Man find his Coldplay Girl?

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Come on we are Coldplayers! Do you know this woman? LOVE conquers all!


Love struck Hatfield man on mission to find woman he met by chance on a train



A love struck Hatfield man is searching for a woman who captivated his heart after he met her by chance on a train.

Clive Saffron, 47, of Birchwood Avenue, is kicking himself for failing to ask out the “blonde, petite” woman from Hatfield that he met on a late night train.


Clive was travelling home late on June 15, after going for some drinks after work and had to get the train home from King’s Cross instead of his usual route from Moorgate, which he rarely does.


Clive said: “My train was waiting for me at King’s Cross so I sat down and after a few seconds a lady sat down next to me and asked if the train was stopping at Alexandra Palace.


“We chatted and discussed how we were both going to Hatfield. Luckily she heard the announcement that there was an emergency bus from Alexandra Palace to Hatfield as the train we were on was no longer going straight through to Hatfield.”


The pair boarded the bus at Alexandra Palace and chatted all the way home to Hatfield station.


Clive said: “We were chatting about everything. She was showing me pictures from the Coldplay concert that she was on the way home from.


“After we got off the bus at Hatfield we carried on talking and I could tell she was waiting for me to say something. She kept lingering and when she got the sense that I wasn’t going to say anything she got in her car.


“I walked home kicking myself and I’m still kicking myself. She was clearly doing the traditional thing of waiting for the bloke to say something.”


Clive has posted two adverts in the Welwyn Hatfield Times since he walked away from the woman and is on a mission to find her.


He said: “I thoroughly enjoyed her company. I felt comfortable with her. I can’t speak for her but I really liked her and I’m really keen to find her.”


If you’re the mystery Coldplay girl contact [email protected] who will put you in touch with Clive.

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Sorry, I posted this cause I believe in love, hopefully the girl in question is feeling the same way and not running to the hills. I just thought it was sweet.

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Well if you never try, you'll never know right? ;)


I don't see it as stalkerish to be honest. I see it as a guy who knows he's got this one life, and if he felt like in that fleeting instance there was something definitely there then I salute him for doing everything he can to try to get in contact with this woman. The worst thing on Earth is the feeling of regret.

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looks like things turned around for the guy :)


Love-struck Hatfield man’s mystery ‘Coldplay girl’ comes forward

09:53 20 July 2016


Nina Morgan



Clive Saffron


A love-struck writer from Hatfield has been put in touch with a woman who captivated his heart on a train, thanks to the Welwyn Hatfield Times.

Clive Saffron, 47, had been desperate to make contact with the mystery blonde after failing to ask for her number.


The pair had spent the entire journey from London to Hatfield chatting and she told him about her time at a Coldplay concert.


When Clive and ‘Coldplay girl’ arrived in Hatfield and got off the rail replacement bus, he kicked himself for not asking for her number.


Following the encounter, Clive placed two adverts in the Welwyn Hatfield Times and a story was also published.


Luckily, friends of ‘Coldplay girl’ saw the story.


Although not wishing to be identified, the Welwyn Garden City woman in question told the WHT: “He was very nice and I thought maybe he would have given me his number.


“I can’t believe he was too shy to ask for my number and then put all this in the paper.”


Clive said he was shocked and excited that she had made contact.



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Ummm Check out who signed the end of this, click on Clive

NO.13 - VOL.10








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All the best Clive.


The Coldplay Messenger

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