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Your top 5 Coldplay gigs

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Hello fellow Coldplayers. Long time lurker on this site, new poster. :)

I was wondering what are your 5 favorite Coldplay live performances ever. It could be from a concert you've seen on TV or one that you attented personally, nothing is excluded. :)

I am very very curious to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Lets hear

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it is very hard to think all those gigs and eliminate them. here are my favorite -well i might forget some of the gigs-


5. mtv world stage:live in japan

4. austin city limits 2005

3. t in the t park 2011

2. glastonbury 2005

1. Live 2003



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1) Rio April 2016 - Crazy atmosphere, the band sounding sharp, amazing C-stage setlist with Parachutes, Shiver and A Message. Couldn't ask for much more!

----Haven't seen the shows below live---

2) Live 2006 in Toronto - Some of the best Coldplay live performances, like Trouble & Swallowed In The Sea. A great ending to Coldplay's best era IMO, X&Y

3) Glasto 2012 - 2005 comes very close but Coldplay were top drawer that night

4) Paralympics closing ceremony London 2012 - Unique and unforgettable :)

5) Live 2003 - Live 2012 comes close but the more simpler production of the 2003 DVD edges it for me. A Rush Of Blood To The Head live - I don't need to say anymore!

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