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Mat Whitecross making upcoming Coldplay film

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Am I the only one who would love to get two dvd?? One of the tour /documentary which is now confirmed!! And another one with only their concert at Glastonbury? Anyhow I think they going hopefully to stuff in one or two songs from glastonbury.


So happy for this dvd!!! =)

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That's great news! It has been on the cards forever! Sounds like coldplay might want to make it around the current tour. Sounds about right with them wanting to tour AHFOD for 2 years. I would love more of a band life spanning, in depth documentary that Matt seems to want to make. But I'll take what I can get :)


What I really wish we had was making of documentaries for a rush of blood or viva! Too late for that now.

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At least Mr. Haney :sleeping2: is not making the documentary.

I like MW's videos for my boys, but the Rose Bowl's show streamed online was not perfect, so I hope he can improve that and give us something unique and special.

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Same! Other than Parachutes, Viva is the only era we don't have a live DVD/documentary for!


All the same--very excited for this!


Adding my +1 for Viva especially! But I am 10000% on board for anything with Mat and Coldplay :D


And just with the quote in the article, for Mat wanting to dispel the misconception about Chris being 'boring', honestly anyone who's seen just a short interview with him will quickly change their minds. Easily one of the funniest, and like Mat said in that article, eccentric musos I've seen. I think the 'boring' thing just comes from Coldplay's big singles giving casual listeners the idea that they just do ballads from the Scientist/Yellow/Fix You successes.


TLDR; I'm really excited for this!

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