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[2017-08-21] Rogers Centre, Toronto, ON

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So, bad news for anyone wanting my recording of the show... When I uploaded the audio file from my iPhone to my computer it was completely blank. The file is 2:08:55 long like I had recorded it, but when you play it there's no sound at all, just silence for two hours. Very sorry to anyone expecting it, but I don't know what to do to save it.

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when you play it on your phone, is there sound?

Yes, but whenever I import it to my computer it's blank. To be honest I was considering not uploading it anyway, because you can very very clearly hear my voice as well as the person I was with having conversation, which I wasn't sure if I was comfortable with putting online. I'm really sorry to whoever was going to download it, but I don't really know what to do.

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If someone wanted the recording so bad, THEY should have taken the initiative to record themselves! At least you tried, and thats more than what most people would do.


Plus, look at this thread, no one is really posting much past you, me and a few others.


I'm gonna look around youtube next couple days and see what ppl upload.

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Wow I'm really late to this, but I finally found time to post my thoughts on this show.

  • I was so honoured to do the intro video for this show, which I wrote about in detail here: https://www.coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/my-intro-video-experience-toronto.110310/
  • I really enjoyed Izzy Bizu but was disappointed at how few people were in the audience for her set, made it a bit awkward. The mellow live versions of her songs were quite different to what I heard on her debut album, but I liked it.
  • Sadly had to miss AlunaGeorge this time, I found out my portable charger was not working and I had to wait in line for ages at the stadium phone charging station. Heard a bit of the set from there and it sounded fun!
  • So glad the dome was open! Made for much better acoustics and the fact the CN Tower was watching over us felt amazing.
  • During the opera intro when the tower lit up in rainbow colours, that was probably the most euphoric moment of my life. Just perfection.
  • AHFOD never ceases to impress me. Probably my favourite song of the show and I think my favourite song to see them play live.
  • GPASUYF was great! Was my first time hearing it on this tour and the way the crowd got involved was incredible!
  • Yay for new butterfly confetti! SEVEN songs with confetti is a bit much, but it makes the show unforgettable.
  • I'm sorry Chris but Fix You is NOT a song to restart - even if it's as a joke. The way HFTW usually transitions into it makes it so emotional but that almost ruined the impact.
  • Love how the lyrics to Kaleidoscope are put up on the screen now, makes for a better effect so the audience gets the meaning.
  • I thought I was gonna be disappointed if they played In My Place and Don't Panic, since they play those all the time, but I loved it. Didn't know that Will gets to sing the whole song so that was a great surprise.
  • The improvisation song was amazing, my parents said it was their favourite part.
  • I was just so lost in the moment during SJLT and ASFOS, I span around in the aisles while the confetti rained down and I was just in bliss.
  • Didn't get a setlist at this show sadly, but met some amazing roadies (Chris K and someone else) who chatted with me after the show. The kindest people ever.
  • But the best part of this experience: all the amazing people I met! To those that I met at the tour buses, at the charging station, at my section and by the stage after the show, you are what made this show unforgettable. I've never felt so connected with so many people at a show and I'd do anything to experience that again.

Pics coming later!

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  • During the opera intro when the tower lit up in rainbow colours, that was probably the most euphoric moment of my life. Just perfection..


I know, right? I keep wondering how they managed to get the CN Tower to do that. They usually only light it up different colours on holidays or things like that; I guess they figured a Coldplay concert was as important as a holiday, lol.

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