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Chris Martin's Sneakers

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I have no idea about the shoes but I've noticed something on the pictures. :)


Is Chris trying to look as the guy that is on the picture of his t-shirt?



On this one his face is looking like the symbol on his sweater.



He just had to switch the caps and the picture on both would be complete. :D

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Hey guys!


Does anybody know what brand/model are these sneakers?







They're actually adidas crazy 1's and not custom :) http://m.footlocker.com/index.cfm?uri=product&model=209587&sku=C75739&size=10.0


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He normally wears 2 colourways of Air Jordan Spizikes and These Ones. He also had Air Jordan 1s made, which he donated to the Smaller Steps Project (they are mislabeled as Jordan 30s, which obviously they are no).


He had Custom Adidas Derrick Rose 5s made (my assumption to see how they faired vs Nikes/Jordans). Here is another colourway from the Bird Music Video, as well as these ones from the

too. Only Adidas shoes he consistently wears though are 2 Adidas TS Heat Checks (mainly this colourway) and once or twice in this White/Green Colourway, at least from photos I've seen.


I feel like I am missing out on a model he wore once, but regardless those are the main shoes he has rocked during the A Head Full of Dream era.

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