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Hypnotised - first song off Kaleidoscope

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Well the wording you choose there is pretty offensive !

Stargate's production style might fit some other acts perfectly, but for a band very much relying on guitar lines it is not suited. This is the reason why songs like Up&Up sound so much better live than on the disc. Of course that's not Stargate's fault, it is Coldplay who chose them as producers, so their decision.

You don't need to have studied music production for ten years to pick up on the differences. It is not an art to hear if the guitar gets buried underneath chopped-up vocals or other noises.

And as for your blind experiment suggestion, well, when Hypnotised first came out nobody knew who had produced it, and yet the comments in the first minutes of its release unanimously said the production was so clean and good - a total contrast about what people said about AHFOD's production.

I know that it sounds extremely negative, sorry for all the expletives. But it just really annoys me.


And I think that that what I'm trying to explain covers your response, too, not to try and sound like a dick. Firstly, the band doesn't heavily rely on guitar lines; while they're certainly a part of most, if not all tracks, they're not necessarily a steeple of the production and I highly disagree that just because there's guitar lines in the songs, Stargate's production style doesn't fit it. Saying stuff like "This is the reason why songs like Up&Up sound so much better live than on the disc" is what I mean, as in is it really? Is it really that bad as you're making it out to be? Be real here - don't just say you hate it because you think you should hate it. Really try and think about the supposed "huge difference" between production on AHFOD and, say, X&Y.


While you don't need 10 years or extremely extensive experience in music production, how many people who criticise the production really have at least adequate knowledge of what sounds good and bad, and know what they're talking about? I realise now that saying you need years of experience is a bit much, even just generally being able to distinguish stuff by ear would be the limit. But even then, how many people can even do that to an adequate level? Be real here. And this is all clouded by people automatically wanting to hate it too.


As with Hypnotised - no, it was not unanimously decided that the production was good. There have been plenty of people who have said stuff similar to AHFOD. Overall I'd say the reception, to both the production and the whole song itself, has been mixed. You can't just say that it has been received in some way.

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quite a few good points. i feel like chris was much more dominant in the early days than he is now. without a question he is the dominant leader there. like @nvdmm mentioned, brian eno definitely broke that mold. and we got the most musically cohesive, but diverse and progressed album.



Mobile Link: https://youtu.be/1Fsk3sQyZt8?t=41m3s



(how strange is it that this is leading up to mx and a few of us would consider that the start of the downward spiral?)


i still think coldplay learned a lot from the time with brian eno and one of those is probably band dynamics. but from the beginning i remember seeing quotes from will for example how the band ran on chris' drive and his doom or sunshine personality. as the whole band grew up, all of them seem to have settled on to content lives. chris doesn't seem that driven any more (still very driven) and not out to prove anything, like they were until mx. can you imagine last decade's coldplay doing that superbowl show? it sure has hurt the band output. and a mindset like "But in terms of writing, I think it’s about not judging what comes through. And that’s how the catchy bits happen." can't really help the quality of output.


i feel like the whole band has fallen into a happy, routinely rut. so they are trying to spruce up their new music by trying to go in not-so-working directions. they don't seem to want to revisit the early days in a significant form, no matter how much we wish. it is obvious from the past several years that coldplay are always trying new things to keep their interest. i'm sure commercial success/crowd pleasing factor in there somewhere too. but guy has been repeating this quite a lot. so it is not chris driven, alone.


what i'm hoping for is for the band stop trying to write hits for the "teenage crowd". maybe this is what we'll get until their kids grow up enough to call the music they are making today "cheesy"



ps. you know maybe we should try to have the band listen to some of their earlier interviews.



Mobile Link: https://youtu.be/1Fsk3sQyZt8?t=43m46s


yes! this is partly what i was trying to get at, and i especially agree with your point about Chris maybe even being less dominant now than before. or at least, the other members having more input earlier on in the writing process now. we know about Chris's taste in music because he's always talking about it, but what about the others? for example, i think if you've heard anything by Apparatjik, you can see parallels with how MX turned out - let's not forget that Guy had a strong role in producing Ghost Stories as well and Magic was started with his bass line (about which he said that he likes playing repetitive riffs so he doesn't have to think about it so much :P)

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I have felt the same way since MX! It's as if during the mastering phase someone really pushed the compressor to the limit, and yeah the music sounds loud, but it lost quite a bit of the dynamics and is rather harsh. I often listen via monitor headphones and don't experience the clarity any more that was there in viva. Sometimes I really wonder, like, they can afford any equipment, any studio, any pros to work with and this is what we get? Weird.


Yeah that hits it on the head. From staying up on the release night to listen to it on a pair of $35 dollar headphones to $500-600 2.1 systems and headphones with a DAC and amp it STILL sounds like it's being run through a lead pipe

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Well, I'm about a week late for this conversation but I wanted to leave this here. It confirms what many of you have been saying, but it kind of struck me when Phil says that during the making of the first 3 albums Chris was a forceful personality in the studio. I feel that's sort of a disadvantage... don't really know how it is now. The interview is from MX era.



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Cannot stop listening to this! It is a truly beautiful song, and C's voice sounds particularly amazing. I love to put on headphones and listen while watching the video. Goosebumps over goosebumps over goosebumps.



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^think i heard a snippet yesterday from soundcheck, and Hypno was played.



didn't make it to the live show though





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