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Help needed (the emoji game)

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Hi everybody,


I need help - I lost the key to this list! Please figure it out ;)


(I actually don't remember all of them, I made this a while back, at some point in early 2016, so the Kaleidoscope EP is not amongst the songs. I'm sure some of them are not quite as good as they could be and I believe there have been similar games on here, but maybe it's fun for some people :))


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Probably got some wrong but

3- Speed of Sound?

5- Daylight

8- Green Eyes

14- White Shadows?

15- Up&Up

16- Up with the Birds

18- Princess of China

24- Clocks

28- O

31- Cemeteries of London

33- Lovers in Japan

35- Ink

36- Magic

38- A Sky Full of Stars

39- Amsterdam

41- A Message

43- Spies

45- See You Soon

48- Crests of Waves

56- Yellow

59- Low

61- Midnight

63- 42

65- Sqaure One

68- Army of One

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