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LP8 Thread - Everyday Life

[GUESS] When will the next LP be released?  

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  1. 1. [GUESS] When will the next LP be released?

    • Earlier...
    • 1st half of 2020
    • 2nd half of 2020
    • 1st half of 2021
    • 2nd half of 2021
    • Later...

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Coldplay Twitter posting article about Everyday Life being a potential contender for the Grammy's album of the year, which would be nominated well over a year the album came out... not sure if it's el

The other day I received a physical copy of the Japanese edition of Everyday Life. I was surprised to discover that it was different from the regular version, which I had purchased before, in another

I think most of people here need the original lyrics AND the Japanese translation of them which only come with physical versions.  

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Wow what a music video! It was really nice to see the process behind the song! Also Jonny’s beard is looking insane!


after watching Moses do the thing with Chris at the beginning of the video I came up with the theory that songs like “Daddy” or “Bani Adam” will be interludes which will be voice memos or recording off the band’s phones, aka: everyday life

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Cool video! Kind of reminds me to LiJ and SFoS.

The acoustic clips are a really nice touch. And I have to say that the acoustic version sounds amazing.

For I moment I thought: that's the version they should've released... But then the original song began with Guy's bass and it was completely different. It was like an internal comparison and even though I love the acoustic one (at least the short clip) now it makes sense to me why they decided to include the version we know instead of the acoustic. I'm liking more Orphans on each repeat and I believe it will continue growing until the repeat button explodes :D

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Made a screenshot of what Will said:


[ATTACH type=full" alt="9486]9486[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH type=full" alt="9487]9487[/ATTACH]


Why is there only one screen shot of what will said? And what was the question he answered?

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