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LP8 Thread - Everyday Life

[GUESS] When will the next LP be released?  

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  1. 1. [GUESS] When will the next LP be released?

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    • 1st half of 2020
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First post here, hello. The few thoughts I have about LP8:


- I love the title Trouble in Town. Sounds like a darker track, and I can't wait to hear it.


- I'm adoring the aesthetics so far. The whole 1919 thing is gorgeous, very Viva-style, and I'm intrigued by the eclipse theme.


- I hope we get a more organic sound this time around. Mylo was great, but I think Ghost Stories and A Head Full of Dreams over-did the synthetic sound in places, where a more human touch would have sounded better.


- Bit apprehensive about the "peace and love" thing. I've had my fill of the-world-is-beautiful lyrics from Chris, I'd like some more stuff like Politik or Violet Hill, something that's unsure just how great things are.


- Bring back the art-pop! I love the creative, vibrant sound the band on Viva and Mylo. From Yes to Major Minus, Cemeteries of London to Don't Let it Break Your Heart, Coldplay are at their best when they're taking arty influences and incorporating them into their pop-tastic melodies. Ghost Stories and A Head Full of Dreams seemed a bit simpler in their influences, so I'm hoping this one brings the variety back.


- I'm excited!

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Hey guys! Just thought I'd pop in to say I'm super excited and two other things:


1. Did anyone notice the new post on the Instagram account for Guy Berryman's new clothing line @ratino this morning? It has the words "Big Daddy" on it.


2. (More important) I was listening to the radio today, and they happened to play Viva la Vida. Right after this, the DJ came on and said something along the lines of "Just a couple weeks ago, I was able to hear some new Coldplay stuff that hasn't been released yet. It was good, and what impresses me about that band is that they are always able to reinvent themselves."

So, clearly, radio stations have already been sent a song.


I’m soooooo jealous of allllllll the radio djs who have already heard it. Hey this must mean Greg James had already heard something when he liked that tweet some days back... well it can’t be that long of a wait then, or they risk a leak happening the longer they wait...

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Been listening to some Viva demos today, would be awsome for some of them to be reimagined for the new album - if it is an album we're getting! I remember Chris saying he doesn't think we'll see a conventional Coldplay album again, what ever that means! I really hope it is as experimental as some leaks suggest, the teasers we've had make it seem so!

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I think that we are goint full Mylo Xyloto with this teasing.

If I remember correctly they were teasing us a whole week with a walking man, spirals, teardrops etc.

Expecting to hear the single on Monday or Thursday :)

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What does everyone think of the clip? Do we like the new sound?

I'm not 100% convinced it's direct, actual sample of album music, but I would imagine it's indicative of the theme. In which case...let's fucking goooooo

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Wow that sounds great - I agree with the person who said it might not be an extract from a song, but I so, so hope it is. Either way I like the way this album is looking :D

Thanks. I was checking Reddit, they've going crazy too if course. Someone said maybe its the ending of the album? As my band says, it sounds kinda endy!

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Thanks. I was checking Reddit, they've going crazy too if course. Someone said maybe its the ending of the album? As my band says, it sounds kinda endy!


Yes it could definitely be the end. Reminds me of the "Believe in Love".

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