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New Album "Flight" Out Now

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Hey everyone,




Album is out in the world!!! Check it out on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, or wherever you listen to music.


Links on my website: www.escapistmusic.com

Vote for my song in this competition: HOFA



So I have extremely HUGE news and I wanted to share with all of my fellow Coldplayers.


Coldplay has been a huge influence in my life and are a major reason for me pursuing music as a career. Ever since middle school I have been writing music, but it was just a hobby until I decided to go to college to study it. I've grown so much as a person and a musician since then, and I am truly blessed to have idols like Coldplay.


Now to the real stuff...


Back in high school I was inspired by Viva la Vida and Mylo Xyloto to create a concept album of my own. I originally had entitled it "In Flight" because my family traveled a lot and I enjoyed flying (in fact, I wanted to be a pilot when I grew up). The title concept for the album has not changed (except for getting rid of the word "In') but the music and the meaning has grown exponentially. It is a journey of life from birth to death told through the loose sonic and lyrical metaphor of "flight". This album is a culmination and a compilation of all my experiences and all the friends I made along the way, and I am really excited to share it with the world now that it is done.


Since I know how much you all like teasers, I am creating a page on my website for the album, and you can see the artwork for it, which is Coldplay-esque. You can follow all the developments through my website or my Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages. Each track is different and comes together to form "FLIGHT".


Here's the link to the album page (in the works): www.escapistmusic.com/flight

And a link to my soundcloud for previous works: www.soundcloud.com/escapist515


I really hope you like my music and stay tuned for the album next month!

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Congratulations! I am too working on my album and know how much it means to the artist personally. Lots of hard work and emotions poured out into your project for sure. Looking forward to hearing it


Thank you! I wish you luck in your process of finishing your album and will definitely give you a follow back if you follow me on Soundcloud, Facebook, etc. The links are all on my website or Soundcloud.

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