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Mixtape Exchange #21 [REVIEWS & TRACKLISTS]

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[spoiler=Review of "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!&quot][ATTACH type=full" alt="20200106_180020-01.jpeg]10684[/ATTACH][ATTACH type=full" alt="20200106_180201-01.jpeg]10685[/ATTACH]


This is my review of the mixtape I've been given. I've tried to keep up with @The Jordanator's review style!

Orchestral instrumentals are the main theme of the mixtape. This gives the feeling of a fairytale-like journey. I would point out that tracks 7 and 8 don't really fit in with the others and that's why I don't give any bonus points. I was impressed though by the creative way you chose the tracks' titles!



You kept up very well you’re probably even ahead of me :joy:

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FINALLY listened !!!!

So this was a New Zealand-themed mixtape by @The Jordanator !

Track 1 - begins with a folksy, indigeneous-sounding chant, then suddenly morphs into a pop song before the chanting comes back. I have to say it didn't really grab me and felt very repetitive.  4/10

Track 2 - Synth pop with a heavy, hypnotic beat. Dreamy and dancey at the same time. 6/10

Track 3 - Rhythmic guitar, a bit of a country twang to it, also horns. One of the first lyrics talks about voodoo so guess what my association was. Outro reminded me a bit of a song by a German brass band called Meute. Original but overall sound was not my cup of tea unfortunately. 3/10

Track 4 - Fingerstyle guitar over a simple beat and pop vocals. A bit of a generic pop song to my ears. 3/10

Track 5 - This song starts with a grand-sounding guitar riff. Then the vocals come in and I recognize the melody ! HEY NOW, HEY NOW, DON'T DREAM IT'S OVER ! Takes me back to the cover Eddie Vedder and Chris Martin did for a Global Citizen Festival once. Didn't know this song was from New Zealand ! A classic. My favourite so far 8/10

Track 6 - Fast paced song with distorted guitar, the first few seconds reminded me of Arcade Fire. Like the chorus melody. 6/10

Track 7 - Recognized this riff immediately. Carelessly rapped vocals over very memorable synth and trumpet (?) sounds. How bizarre indeed ! Not my cup of tea but made me smile 🙂 6/10

Track 8 - OMG the very first second of the beat loop sounded exactly like the beginning of Las Ketchup - Ketchup song haha. Whistling at the end. Not my thing really 3/10

Track 9 - I'm sorry but this song sounds like EVERY late 2010's hit with a stereotypical dance break EVER. Probably my least favourite of all tracks, because it sounds so unoriginal. 2/10

Track 10 - Probably late 90s Hip Hop with an ominous instrumental loop. I have a feeling I might have heard this track before somehow. Didn't speak to me much. 3/10

Track 11 - Rapped vocals over cool instrumental licks. Interesting chorus melody. 5/10

Track 12 - Repetitive instrumental and vocals. Did not appeal to me I'm afraid 3/10

Track 13 - Jangly guitar sounds great. Overall sounds like a 2000s pop rock song with quieter vocals and a loud chorus. I liked it 6/10

Track 14 - Distorted synthy vocal loop, then rapping. I'm afraid the instrumental sounds like me experimenting with the "human voice" preset on my Yamaha, aka...awful 🤣 Chorus sounds like the Chainsmokers wrote it. 2/10

Track 15 - Have the feeling i've heard this before too. Nice instrumental and vocals. Sounds very 2000s to me too (and I love that decade). 6/10

Track 16 - Starts with a chiming piano, then builds to something epic. The bridge is awesome ! Perhaps out of all the tracks the one that reminded me most of Coldplay. 7/10

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