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Cry Cry Cry - Sunset

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I take it back. Chris just said in Jo Wiley's session that this is another person singing with pitched up voice. A she. Why do I feel like that might be his girlfriend.

here's that quote:


"Well there's more to come from that story in a bit of time. But I'll tell you now that it's sort of a character that we made called Angelina. She's a new voice in our band. It's secretly another person pitched up, but I can't possibly say who. She's an alien."



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Are you sure?

I believe he basically confirm it is him high-pitched

And that we will hear this character again in LP9

Or maybe it is Dakota Johnson and she will feature in the video she directed for the song

Yeah in an interview earlier Chris was asked if it was his voice and he said yes. Good thing that I like the pitched vocal, because looks like we might hear more of it.

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Singers can and occasionally do make up characters and alter egos. After all, someone (maybe Chris, maybe Matt Miller, maybe someone else) took on the Prospekt persona during the Viva sessions in 2007-2008. "Angelina" could be a legitimate character, or could just be a joke name for an unnaturally high-pitched Chris voice. I suppose either is possible.

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If this song only had the chipmunk Gollum/Smeagol from LOTR voice singing the cry cry cry part only I'd like it a lot more. But when it sings with Chris I cringe. This is unfortunately probably my least favorite song on the album just bc of that.

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I like the video. Whatever happens, the singer will stay with his girlfriend in good and bad days. And this is shown by them first dancing beautifully and finally, when they are old, slowly and awkwardly, but never letting each other go. And the

oldfashioned clothes reflect the costumes of the 'Everyday Life' era.

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Great video!


Is it just me or does it feel crazy that we have 4 (YES 4) videos in the EL era already but there hasn't been like any discussion or interest in them? Maybe Daddy had the most excitement around it?

Do you mean on here or in general? Have they gotten many views/comments on YouTube? I haven't watched any of them to be honest, I don't usually watch music videos in general. I'm a bad fan I guess :P

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