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Everyday Life Leak Discussion [SPOILERS INSIDE]

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-I'm surprised to see mixed reviews on this one, because I think it's absolutely brilliant. I'm unsure yet about the drum production if I really like it or not. But Chris' vocals I think are outstanding and unique. It gives me some floaty X&Y vibes with a modern twist.



I dunno why but this is the only song yet on this album that doesn’t connect with me lyrically .. I dunno why but I don’t really understand what it’s saying .. I love the music and singing but as basically the opener I’m not sure of the message ., at first listen it seems to be about love, but it feels nothing like the lyrical direction of the rest of the songs .. maybe I’m just really missing the point lol

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After listening to this album a few times, I can definitely say that Daddy is one of the best songs ever made, at least for me, anyway. My dad's from a different country, and I've always wanted to move away because of him. This song reminds me of my fascination of other countries that began when I was little. I also really like how this song sounds like For You. I've always strongly associated that song with flying away, especially the part where Chris says, "If you're lost and feel alone, circumnavigate the globe." It also reminds me of Gravity, which is one of the saddest Coldplay songs ever written. Yet I still always find myself listening to it, because of how beautiful it is. I'm planning on moving to another country in a few years. I want to pack everything I own in a few small suitcases and start a completely new life. I don't want to leave my parents behind, yet at the same time I want to move as far away as physically possible. I like the lyrics about "sharing the same hair" and "remembering birthdays". It gives the whole song a more childlike feel, but in a good way. My favorite part is where Chris sings about being so far away from your parents. Then the song ends with bird noises, which I think is a nice touch. I have pet birds that I wish I could take with me, and this song is just so meaningful. No matter how much you love or hate the band, everybody has at least a few Coldplay songs that they can really relate to. Sometimes it feels like the band is singing just for you. I'm going to be all alone in an unfamiliar country someday, but Coldplay will always be there for me. I love this band so much and I've never loved them more than I do now. My favorite Coldplay song has always been the first one I ever heard, but I think that might change soon.

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Overall, a really raw, different, and great album with really awesome songwriting!


The only thing that will prevent this from being one of my favorite albums from them would be the lack of the whole band throughout the whole album, which was most likely intentional. Jonny's guitar playing and Will's drumming and Guy's bass playing are very unique and makes Coldplay that much more special. Not that every song needs to be loud and bombastic, but some of them do feel a little underdeveloped. Overall still love this album and where they went with it!

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The first part, the piano part of Bani Adam was played in 2010. Chris plays it at the very end of Trouble in the video below. I always loved the little snippet of it and wondered if we would ever hear it again




I KNEW I heard it before. Thanks.

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Okay fine I'll say it. This album is straight up brave. Look it may not work for everyone, and I think all of us have at least a few tracks that feel underwhelming, but the highlights are instantly classic:


Sunrise is stunning. Holy cow that's how you set the tone.


Trouble In Towns transition and recording of a scary interaction with a cop is downright unsettling. I would have NEVER thought Coldplay would do this but it somehow works.




Daddy is shockingly effective. My favorite Coldplay piano track this decade.


When I Need A Friend is transcendental.


Guns is righteous anger.


Eko is peace.


Old Friends is warm and kind.


Bani Adam is potentially their most gorgeous song ever.


Champion of the World is a slinky britpop masterpiece.


Cry Cry Cry takes you dancing.


This era rocks. Can't wait for Flags.

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First thoughts:

[spoiler=It’s just long ]

Sunrise - LiT still holds the candle as being the best instrumental. This maybe a second. Too soon to say. However, it’s a little long.


Church - weird. This is just...odd. Only the last part sound Coldplay-ish. Also, I don’t like how Chris sounds here. But I have to say the guitar is AMAZING.


Trouble In Town - oh.my.word. I just...wow. Just...wow


BroKen - I feel like this has been placed in the wrong order. After the dark TiT, this just seems out of place. Should have been swapped around with Daddy or...maybe released as a b-side. Heh.


Daddy - this could have easily been released during the AROBTTH or X&Y era and I wouldn’t have known the difference. Something about it reminds me of For You.


WOTW/POTP - erm what?


Arabesque - I love you. I will always love you. Wished I didn’t listened to you so much though. BUT THE HORNS STILL GET ME ALL THE TIME.


When I Need a Friend - would be better if it was just Chris singing. The choir (?) was distracting.


Oh hey. It’s the grandfather clock in my house.


Guns - that preview didn’t do it justice. Really curious to know if Chris did all the guitar work.


Orphans - oh hey, did you get lost? Should have shelved it for LP9. Does not fit with the whole album at all.


Eko - should have been a los unidades track. Heh. Weakest one so far.


Cry Cry Cry - it’s like a big warm hug! I’m surprise at how much I liked this. Should have been longer!


Old Friends - this sounds like one of a b-sides but I can’t put my finger on which one. My god it’s gonna bug me big time!


Bani Adam - Kaleidoscope reborn! Oh but wait there’s more. The second part is AMAZING. The guitar! My word. Should have been the whole song! Couldn’t care less about the piano at the start now. As soon as the guitar starts, that’s when the whole song started for me. And that transition...




Everyday Life - wondered if this would make more sense as a closer after listening to CotW and to the whole album and it kinda does. Links back to Sunrise - a la LiT/The Escapist. Do wished there was a hidden outro though to give it a finality to the album.




My thoughts are all over the place right now - just like the album. Ha. Need to listen to it a few more times to fully comprehend it. But there are a lot of positives in this album. There are so many instances where I went “OMG DID THEY JUST CREATE THAT?” After AHFOD, this is welcomed. And as an Oldplayer, this is VERY MUCH WELCOMED.


The album isn’t very in your face political which we all thought it was AND I’M THANKFUL FOR THAT.


Side note: I also think that the band is going to get a lot of flak from critics about this album. Lol.

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Honestly, You’ll really like Trouble in Town. It’s a similar vibe to Cemeteries of London but much better in my opinion.

You are absolutley right, sir! I’m still in awe over this track.

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Also, I don’t like how Chris sounds here.

Same. The strange vocal tone in addition to the cringey lyrics ("I worship in your church, babe, all day :D) really threw me off. It also doesn't really tie in lyrically with the rest of the album imho.


Also agree that BrokEn definitely does not feel right where it is in the tracklisting. In fact, I'm not a fan and would have scrapped it althogether.


I'm glad you love Champion of the World as much as I do :D

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I agree with what most of you have pointed towards BrokEN and Orphans being out of place. The transition is so natural between Trouble in Town and Daddy, I don't know what BrokEn is doing in between. Not the biggest fan of Guns as the opening track of Sunset either.


How would you sort the tracklist to fit better then? Though I'm not the biggest fan of changing albums order, I gave it a go and tried to listen to it that way:




Trouble in Town





When I Need A Friend


[spoiler=Sunset]Everyday Life




Cry Cry Cry

Old Friends

Bani Adam

Champion Of The World



EDIT: Cry Cry Cry is really growing on me, really nice song honestly.

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After listening to the whole album, I'm glad that Orphans is the hit song that does not fit the album much as we sometimes see in the Coldplay albums. Like Yellow in Parachutes, Clocks in AROBTTH and ASFOS in Ghost Stories etc. I think Orphans is pretty good when you consider it like that. (I love Clocks but not the others)

Daddy reminded me of Gravity and Eko reminded me of U.F.O. You can say that I'm loving these.

Trouble In Town, Champion of the World, Arabesque, Everyday Life: PLEASE GIVE ME MORE

Church and Guns are cool.

Cry Cry Cry is interesting in a good way

Old Friends, BrokEn and When I Need a Friend are not bad but not impressed.

Bani Adam and Sunrise is okay.

I could not care less about WOTW/POTP.

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So after 3 listenings my favorites are: Sunrise, Church, Trouble in Town, Daddy, Arabesque, also Broken is good but on the false place... for me when i need a friend is the worst song. I dont like it.. in the second half Guns, Cry, Cry, Cry, Old Friends and Bani Adam and Champion of the world are Great with a good closer Everyday Life. For me Eko , When i Need a friend and WoTw i dont like a lot . the Album Reminds me a lot of Parachutes...

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