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Everyday Life Leak Discussion [SPOILERS INSIDE]

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I recently was able to obtain the full album and I’ve decided to just listen to the first second of every song:


1. Sunrise - maybe a violin starting up?

2. Church - n/a

3. Trouble in Town - We all fall in love sometimes reborn?

4. BrokEn - n/a

5. Daddy - n/a

6. WOTW/POTP - Is Hymn for the weekend back!?

7. Arabesque- street noise

8. When I need a friend - Waterfall, rainfall sound maybe?


1. Guns - Great intro! Most striking on the album so far

2. Orphans - Another good intro

3. Eko - what a funny little sound sounds middle eastern/Indian

4. Cry Cry Cry - it’s that bit from the press conference!

5. Old friends - U.F.O is that you?

6. Bani Adam - Classical piano

7. Champion of the world - ugh I don’t know it sounds a bit weird

8. Everyday life - N/a

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I think/hope people warm to church. It's really not like AHFOD and I think people aren't taking to it because it's probably the second most 'poppy' after Orphans and that stargate credit. To me it comes from the same place as Rainy Day but just sounds a little more modern, its got a very 2000s melody imo with a more up to date production


@IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8 I wouldn't get your hopes up for any big hit single this era. Champion Of The World might be THAT song that really does something for fans this era but I can't really imagine them pushing any of the other songs as singles in a radio sense anyway. It certainly feels like an album that Coldplay felt they needed to make for themselves rather than to please casual listeners. I'm wondering if it's an important stop gap kind of album before they go full force with the next one

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Thinking top five in album order is



-Trouble in Town





Definitely not the only good songs but they are my favorites thus far. :)

Good list, it's just missing Champion of the World and When I Need a Friend.

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Is Everyday life a good closer? Makes more sense as a closer now that people have listened to the whole album?


Since everyone wasn't convinced it should have been a closer, curious to know if people's minds has changed.




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Anyway, here's my track by track thoughts. Not too detailed but just how I'm feeling about the album now. Really really loving it, just feel it needs a bit of a rejig orderwise to make help it flow a bit better.



Sunrise: It's very lovely sure but I'm not sure how relevant it is in the wider context of the album. Doesn't feel like it sets the scene the way Life In Technicolor does.


Church: Wow! Love this, it's got a bit of that oldplay sound but with updated production, also feels kinda like a Prospekt's March track. In fact melodically I also hear an influence from their second album. Feel like some people don't like it just because stargate is on it, I don't think it sounds like AHFOD at all. Would work fine as the opener if Sunrise wasn't there.


Trouble In Town: So impressive, feels like it's saying a lot without saying too much, starts quiet and dark and really grows in that darkness. The sample feels quite poignant.


Daddy: Genuinely beautiful. Is it from the perspective of the band's kids missing their fathers when they're working away or is it from the perspective of a child who's lost their father or something else entirely? Either way, it's a very emotional, almost lullaby like song.


WOTW/POTP: I love how the end of Daddy flows into this and then this flows into Arabesque, they're really great world building transitions for the album but the interlude/demo itself feels so insubstantial, I'm not sure it was massively necessary. When I Need A Friend might have been better suited here perhaps although it would maybe need to be a bit shorter.


Arabesque: Just an amazing beast of a song. Fell in love with it from the first listen and I love it more and more all the time. Feels like a cornerstone for this album for me. How is this one of the craziest songs on the album but compared to others it's not actually too 'experimental'? Amazing.


When I Need A Friend: It's certainly very nice but I'm not sure I'm seeing in it what everyone else seems to be. Like said previously, it might have worked better as a bridging track or shortened to a more typical interlude and allow it to take WOTW's place. Arabesque feels a better Sunrise closer to me.


Middle Interlude: I see the point but I'm not crazy about it


Guns: Now I love this but I can't decide if it's the perfect length or if it needs another minute or two. I also wish this was swapped with Orphans. Sonically I think it'd flow into Eko nicer than Orphans does and I've gotten so used to Orphans playing straight after Arabesque, I think Orphans serves as a nice release after the darker sound on Sunrise.


Orphans: I love it. I know it's too pop for some fans but it's the euphoric track the album needs without being too sickly and I love the juxtaposition of the sound and the lyrics. Having said all that though, it does feel a tiny bit out of place instrumentally but I really think a shift in track order would fix that. Swap it with Guns and it would work a little better imo, even more so if it came straight after Arabesque with WINAF taking WOTW/POTP's spot.


Eko: Not sure what to say about this other than that it's really nice. Got a Reign Of Love vibe about it.


Cry Cry Cry: Cooky retro production is cool, I like it well enough, wish it had a more distinct ending or transitioned better between the two tracks either side.


Old Friends: My favourite of the shorter songs, got a break folky/singer songwriter feel to it. If Guns swapped with orphans, these last four songs would be a nice short song saga with this ending it.


Bani Adam: Now this is a weird on for me. The first half is gorgeous, I love it and it feels a bit like a Kaleidoscope reprise. The second half is fantastic, I love that guitar instrumental and the poem is nicely spoken. However I really don't like how the first half transitions into the second and I feel it would be better as two separate pieces, with a lovely piano interlude and then the second half as a full track with the spoken word bit as the bridge.


Champion Of The World: WOW! The second thay guitar started I was so happy, I got chills, felt like a song I needed from Coldplay. The organ(?) sounds at the start are nice, felt a little bit like a tiny nod to Fix You but who knows. This song could have gone on a minute longer for me, it's just lovely, would maybe be my favourite if the ending lasted longer.


Everday Life: Gorgeous. The sounds at the start are really stunning. It's a perfect closer for the album as a whole. I love the understated ending.


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I'm sitting here and I still can't believe how good this record turned out to be. Especially after the release of "Orphans" (by far my least favorite track of the album) when I had such low expectations.


I guess my only criticism of the music (still have to wait to check the full lyrics) is the lack of cohesiveness within the tracklist. As others have mentioned there's no common theme and most of these songs stand by themselves like islands.


Still believe this could be their best work since "Viva La Vida". I'm glad I got to discuss it with you guys here.

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No two songs sound remotely alike

I think from your post, it seems like you like the album, but the comment I quoted is some of the reason why I don't like the album so much. It's hard to find a common denominator when all the songs sound so drastically different. You have one song that has a gospel choir, then the next has a sax solo, then the next has a voice memo, then (like someone said) you have a song that sounds like Chris honestly just noodling around on a guitar one afternoon.


That being said, on my 3rd playthrough or so, listening to the album in full without skipping the previous heard songs, I like the album more and more. So far, the standouts, Church, Trouble in Town and Champion of the World (along with the 3 songs we heard previously). While I like songs like Sunrise, When I Need a Friend and Daddy, I only like it in the context of the album. I love and hate Daddy at the same time, maybe because of that friggin' title! Straight up hate Cry Cry Cry, BrokEn, WOTW/POTP I think : /


Not sure if anyone said this yet, but doesnt Bani Adam sound like Colour Spectrum from LP7...?


Church reminds me of a U2 song, cant put my finger on it. Definitely get the vibes at least.

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All the songs sound different on Viva though and people tend to say that’s one of the stronger elements of that record.


So to the people who think the album is a bit messy and lacks cohesiveness, what makes the difference on Viva good, but not good on EL?

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I think there's definitely cohesion there though.


Church, Champion Of The World and Everyday Life feel like they belong together sonically.


As do Daddy, Trouble In Town, Arabesque and Guns in a different kind of way. These two sides mesh well together with the seeing life from different angles idea they're going for. Then a lot of the other tracks slot nicely in between and the street sounds and spoken word parts tie it all together nicely.


I think the main problem stopping it from feeling truly cohesive is how some of the shorter songs are littered throughout and they're too short to really make a lasting impression on the album. Like BrokEn is fine but feels so out of place where it is, if it had been longer and maybe put somewhere else, it might feel like it had a bigger connection to the rest of the album, same with Cry Cry Cry as it just kind of drops with a disconnected sound and disappears again fairly quickly. Maybe even Sunrise too as I don't think it sets the tone too well even though it makes great use of strings like a few other songs, it's just a bit too 'nice' considering what's coming.


Edit: @Jdckcom this post was meant to quote your recent post but it didn't work for some reason

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