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Everyday Life Instagram filter

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Hey all!


It took quite a lot of time to get right, but I created an Instagram filter to use as a filter for your Instagram stories. The filter adds a b/w grain effect, just as the small Spotify videos for Everyday Life. It also adds the sun and moon logo in the bottom center of the image.


I'm not sure if I am allowed to publish it, and getting permission from Coldplay will be really hard to get, so that's why I only have it in test mode.


If you want to try it out, and make some cool stories with it, here ya go:



If anyone knows something about publishing filters, please let me know, because only then I will publish the filter.


Peace! <3

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Apparently it isn't possible to post videos/photos used by the filter to Instagram, so the filter link is kinda useless (unless you just want to try it)


Sad :(


That’s great, really well done - I’d think it was official! Shame it’s not possible to post

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