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Everyday Life LA Shows

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That was the best night of my entire life!!!!! I can’t believe I got to hear Sunrise, Daddy, Champion of the World, Arabesque, and Cry Cry Cry Live! And Guy and Will looked at me too!!! :omgomg: I travelled thousands of miles for this, and it was worth it!

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I quite enjoyed the AlterEgo set. I had side stage seats, so it was interesting being able to watch all the backstage setup going on. Also happy to see Coldplay was still a hit with the crowd, though not as much as Billie. And Femi's sax solo got a lot of love.

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I went to the show on Monday! I can't tell you how much I loved it. Just wish more fans got the chance to see EL songs live. Listening to the live versions makes you appreciate them all the more.

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Went to Tuesday's show. It was fantastic! A little different change to the setlist from Monday, but that's okay. I think that was a nice touch for anyone that may have gone both nights.


The highlight had to have been Arabesque live - such a great live song and unlike anything I've seen Coldplay do live!


They did state that this was the final show (of 5) of the World Tour in support of Everyday Life and that they were a little tired. lol While it is disappointing that 3 of these shows were in L.A. instead of more spread out (like the limited Ghost Stories tour), I am blessed to have caught a show.


Until the next album (and hopefully tour!). Of course, they are playing Global Citizen in September... but I guess the city of choice has not been announced.

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In addition to the Everyday Life tracks, they played Lovers in Japan, Fix You, Viva La Vida, The Scientist, and Something Just Like This.


On Monday they played ASFOS and Sparks in lieu of the scientist and SJLT. (Oh, and I guess they attempted to play Amsterdam, too!)

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