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Yeah, I heard the leak as well and I think that'll be the 2nd official single from MotS. BTS army will surely support the track. Their fandom is crazy esp. in our country. Just hoping the collab is as good as their previous ones.

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Hi guys!!! Last Monday an Italian newspaper published a brief interview with violinist Davide Rossi. I'm Italian and live in Italy, so I promptly went to the newsagent's and bought the paper. In


My special edition CD came early...so it's just leaked inside my house 😀

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On 6/22/2021 at 12:21 PM, MosesTheMarshmallow said:

Thanks to @TealAppeal for posting this link in the C+J thread. What a great performance by Chris and Jonny!!!

-Violet Hill with extended intro that some have compared to Spies or AROBTTH. Very fun and makes me wish we were in the MX era with the Violet Hill to GPASUYF super-rocky version again. (By the way all these songs minus AROBTTH are in the same C# minor key, GPASUYF is in C# major). 

-A tidbit of Square One and Chris says he likes that song! Maybe they'll relearn it. 🙂

-Sparks! It's a nice performance because on full band ones you can't really hear what Jonny is doing on the piano but here you can hear it and see his speedy transitions between piano and guitar.

-Great version of Higher Power and reinforces the notion that if you were to turn the volume up on the guitars and pull back the synths 10% you'd end up with HLH, which I think is what everyone THOUGHT the song would sound like before it dropped. Jonny plays a few extra guitar parts even compared to the full-band acoustic version (eg some extra textures in the verses) which helps fill it out in a nice way. I wish the album version was closer to this but oh well. 


Funny how Chris and Jonny played a little bit of Square One and then this happened

The whole live stream sounded great. Odd choice of songs apart from Higher Power, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's cool to know that they're still willing to acknowledge some of those Oldplay gems.


I haven't heard the BTS snippet but I guess I just gotta accept that it's happening... BTS covered Fix You, Coldplay recruited Korean dancers for Higher Power, random rumors exploded on the internet, it's gonna happen. They're just waiting to release it. Oftentimes, the most popular single on a Coldplay album is not the first one they release. It's usually the second one. This collaboration will probably be the next single. 

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could be a build up for the next release... it's been almost two months since HP dropped. and they said they were going to be focusing on HP 'for a few months'. nevermind me, i'm just speculating again.

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28 minutes ago, harrisonrules said:


Back to experimental again people like EL with old and space roots with synth pop and collaboration probably like BTS and Dua Lipa

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28 minutes ago, Everyday life said:

Back to experimental again people like EL with old and space roots with synth pop and collaboration probably like BTS and Dua Lipa

My guess is 50 to 60% of songs will be collaborations


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20 hours ago, harrisonrules said:



Here I go with another genre/style speculation, after listening to How You See the World. This is one of few, if not the ONLY, songs that involves a spoken/shouted lyric (as distinct from Lost+ and Miracles (Someone Special) having hip hop style rap). Listen to the 2nd verse, "We don't want to be rent trapped, we don't want to be shrink wrapped" which has a super cool effect at 2:15 since Chris, Jonny, and maybe Guy all shout the line at the same time. 


This made me think of some other artists that have employed similar techniques of spoken word over song. Consider Wolf Alice's Don't Delete the Kisses:


...or Johnny Marr (solo work post-the Smiths)


and check out Jon Batiste - in this case it's a bit more rapping and a bit less spoken, but still a really cool way to take a melodically-driven jazz song and add some very rhythmic rap/speaking:


Another related genre is rap rock. Check out this Muse B-side featuring the Streets. The musical style is very much a ripoff of Rage Against the Machine, which was a huge influence for early Muse.


EDIT I realize A L I E N S has some spoken word with the “sir or madam” section so my initial claim was wrong. But still interested to see if they’ll push that style further!

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