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Coldplay LP9 Rumours | Music of the Spheres | Higher Power Out Now!

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Maybe if Jay starts wearing that shirt more often, I'll start calling it The Buckland Symbol and drawing it all over everything. Or the Buck Signal maybe?   Legend has it, if you shine the B

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13 hours ago, harrisonrules said:

Gaga gets a lot of flack but she's very talented lady gaga please GIF

I agree, I love her acoustic version of Bad Romance! 

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3 hours ago, harrisonrules said:

Kinda reminds me if this 




Wow, it’s quite identical. At this point, beyond musical taste, I really need the whole production/album in order to see what real level of creativity is involved here. Not only related to others, but also related to Coldplay itself (about previous releases). 

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10 minutes ago, harrisonrules said:

How about this?


Dear fans of Coldplay

Today's track
Is found in
Reels of

We regret the drawbacks

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You have all the clues. now! You should have the final phrase written down on a sheet in front of you. The last step is to upload it to your stories.

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