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Coldplay LP9 Rumours | Music of the Spheres | Higher Power Out Now!

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Maybe if Jay starts wearing that shirt more often, I'll start calling it The Buckland Symbol and drawing it all over everything. Or the Buck Signal maybe?   Legend has it, if you shine the B

Took these (sorry for the bad image quality, these are only printscreens) from the videos from O2 shootings. It seems that the symbols are not only those 5 that we knew until now. My guesses is that i

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Oh My God Omg GIF by The Office


Sooo this is very interesting. The twitter account started following some Coldplay fans earlier today, including our (way too absent :shifty: ) mod @Coeurli so we spent 7 hours deciding if we were just going crazy or not but that London tweet... and tbh everything about this.... it's happening, people.

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Some things I've noticed:

if you go to https://alienradio.fm/blank/ (don't get excited, it's really blank) or the page of any of the radio station languages (e.g. https://alienradio.fm/station/french/), well there's nothing to see on the actual page but in the source code there's this:


possibly a song title or so?


Also, obviously I can't understand all of those languages but from what i can understand most of the audios are talking about space stuff, but the Dutch one is just reciting Alice in Wonderland so yeah that's weird lol

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