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Coldplay LP9 Rumours | Music of the Spheres | Vol. 1 released 15 October 2021

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Hi guys!!! Last Monday an Italian newspaper published a brief interview with violinist Davide Rossi. I'm Italian and live in Italy, so I promptly went to the newsagent's and bought the paper. In


Maybe if Jay starts wearing that shirt more often, I'll start calling it The Buckland Symbol and drawing it all over everything. Or the Buck Signal maybe?   Legend has it, if you shine the B

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10 hours ago, The Jordanator said:

I agree. SJLT is a BANGER and I like listening to it from time to time. My Universe will do much better than SJLT though although this ain’t about doing a cashgrab collab, they actually genuinely idolise each other, breaking down those barriers and giving BTS the honour of being on a Coldplay album. It’s probably the most wholesome collab they’ve ever done. Since Army is involved, it will no doubt smash all Coldplay records

I think it's similar to the Chainsmokers collab, if anything it's more of a cash grab. They've been marketing this collab quite well, talking about shared values etc. But at the end of the day BTS are very much a brand. They have an incredibly long list of brand deals under their belt, more than I've ever seen with any other artist. It's quite impressive actually, but those deals are made because they're very lucrative. It's not all about their music or their values. I always liked how Coldplay mostly stayed away from such deals and focused on their music instead as well as projects like the Make Trade Fair campaign or Global Citizen.

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I think the average person / non-fan will look at this collab and say it's a sellout and or cash grab but I genuinely don't think it is. Will it be a smash hit and sell an incredible amount? Yes. But that doesn't mean the band have sold out. If this collab was a natural and organic one, which it seems like it was, then I have no problem with it.

I doubt it will be my favorite Coldplay song, but I am looking forward to it and I honestly like what I have heard so far! 

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21 hours ago, coldplaykb said:

Creo que la persona promedio / no fan verá esta colaboración y dirá que es una venta o un robo de efectivo, pero realmente no creo que lo sea. ¿Será un gran éxito y venderá una cantidad increíble? Si. Pero eso no significa que la banda se haya vendido. Si esta colaboración fue natural y orgánica, como parece, entonces no tengo ningún problema con ella.

Dudo que sea mi canción favorita de Coldplay, pero estoy deseando que llegue y, sinceramente, ¡me gusta lo que he escuchado hasta ahora! 

Beyonce, The Chainsmokers, Avicii, Jay Z, Rihanna... 


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On 9/14/2021 at 6:28 AM, TheBigBadBono said:

Friendly reminder that THIS monstrosity exists:


I think that the song, had it been worked on more, could have been good. Currently the vocals sound like he's pretending he's from Bristol, and the rest of the song is a bit tinny, but a re-mix (I don't mean a remix) and new vocals would make the song Fine™.

On 9/14/2021 at 2:12 AM, jphantom said:

I've heard the full song, but here's a snippet Coldplay posted on TikTok. Despite it being VERY Newplay, I absolutely love it.

I like it as well. It sounds a lot better made than Higher Power (which I have grown to like quite a bit) and the lyrics don't seem bad at all. The snippet in Overtura was also my favourite one out of the songs that haven't been released yet. But obviously I'll need to hear the whole thing to make my mind up fully.

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One of my favorite remixer and DJ, Tom Middleton (former Global Communication), who remixed Jon Hopkins "Light through the veins" (and even did a mash up between LTTV and Death and all his friends (this remix was not available commercially)) has a new album in late october.

Called GCOM - E2 - XO

Look at this artwork. (more on Bleep)


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