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Coldplay LP9 Rumours | Music of the Spheres | Vol. 1 released 15 October 2021

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42 minutes ago, WeddingDom said:

Love it. Can't wait for that 4.8 rating from Pitchfork

5.1, but the review is basically bullshit anyway. POTP is a "midlife crisis jam", Biutyful and My Universe are the best songs, MU's music video is a "CGI abomination", Humankind is plasticine, Infinity Sign is "synthpop filler", and no mention of Coloratura at all. The guy sounds like he hated Coldplay to begin with.

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Hi guys!!! Last Monday an Italian newspaper published a brief interview with violinist Davide Rossi. I'm Italian and live in Italy, so I promptly went to the newsagent's and bought the paper. In


My special edition CD came early...so it's just leaked inside my house 😀

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A couple of things strike me about the album

-The production is incredible. Sure, there are two songs in particular (Higher Power, Let Somebody Go where I wish Jonny's guitar wasn't as buried in the mix on the chorus) but overall, extremely well done. Max Martin makes Stargate look like a joke. AHFoD wouldn't have been their best album anyway, but the production really ruins songs like Up&Up and to a lesser extent Amazing Day, and others like Everglow would've been so much better with *cough* guitar. 

-Nothing in the way of guitar solos. The one in Coloratura is beautiful but that's pretty much it. They did this in EL too, with maybe Trouble in Town being the only exception. I know Jonny isn't known for solos but I loved how he had little sections on some songs where it was just him, specifically Viva la Vida and Mylo Xyloto. 

-The lyrics overall are great and better than I feared. Very generic in general on My Universe and maybe on Biytiful (which I cant even understand half of) but otherwise not bad at all.

-I think if Coloratura hadn't been released early I would've been really blown away tonight. Also, we've heard a lot of the songs already live. Infinity Sign and Humankind definitely impressed me the most out of the ones we hadn't heard. Love the vocal effects and little horns on People of the Pride. I don't remember either in the live version  

-I really do love how no two Coldplay albums are alike. There are plenty of artists I like to, say The Fray, Nickelback, ZZ Top or AC/DC where you can't tell much difference from one album to the next. Even with Ghost Stories, which only has three songs I like, it's still unique in their discography. It still has value for what it is. There are always influences from the past, of course. The abundance of synths and vocal effects remind me of X&Y and MX in good ways. After GS and AHFoD, I really wondered how much I'd be listening to Coldplay in the future. These last two albums, while not their strongest, have pleasantly surprised me. 🙂

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just listened to it, while I was having breakfast 😄

my first reactions to the new songs...

Humankind is Charlie Brown's and DLIBYH's child, this is easily the best song on the record and it has to be a single! The intro with the alien voice sounds like Infinity Sign, maybe it 's the long awaited Aurora's track ??? it is nowhere else otherwise

Infinity Sign is really mostly an instrumental but it's a cool track

Biutyful is Angelina feat. Chris Martin, apart this it's such a cute song! the music effects are hypnotizing. I was afraid not to like it but actually I was wrong

Let Somebody Go is good, maybe I was expecting a more powerful climax but finally it's better than Everglow and overall a good choice for the next single

POTP and Human Heart studio versions are just like the live versions! the quality is very good!!

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Been listening to leak, quilty. Since everyone already discusses and writes about it, I'm adding a few thoughts.

To start with, this album feels like a great journey and it flows surprisingly well, although it's quite eclectic. Definitely the concept of this album is very strong. Starting with with very high energy MotS->Higher Power->Humankind and then middle part is exploring some pretty diverse places and styles. Infinity Sign taking us into more dreamy and ethereal frequencies and then going into heavenly Coloratura. 

But oh that production! It's about the taste if people like it or not, but it's definitely their strongest and most varied production so far. They haven't been afraid to make studio versions of the songs sound like they should and let guitar and other stuff shine more in live performances. Also vocally it's their greatest. Let Somebody Go, just wow. I can see Max Martin has been giving some great advice and pushing Chris and everyone else to sing to their limits. And I love that everything somehow has very human and live feel, I get a feeling of themplaying together and Chris saying some phrases like "alright", "yeah" etc, for example in Humankind.

Depth of songwriting is certainly a bit shadowed by all this, I think, but it definitely gives some great songs for stadium concerts. Humankind is definitely great euphoric stadium rocker and People of the Pride is just crazy. 

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12 minutes ago, Famous Old Painter said:

Knee-jerk song ratings imho







Human Heart

People of the Pride

Infinity Sign



Higher Power




Let Somebody Go

My Universe

Mine is the same but LSG swaps places with Biutyful. I will give the album credit - aside from Biutyful there's no directly offensive songs unlike, say, X Marks the Spot or SJLT. Its production elevates it similar to GS but IMO Mylo is still their greatest "poppy" effort.

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