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Coldplay LP9 Rumours | Music of the Spheres | Vol. 1 released 15 October 2021

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3 minutes ago, Eskapist said:

@kupiz I always thought that Mylo Xyloto was an album made by a depressed person who suddenly discovers happinness ( Chris ? ) ... and his happiness is as strong as was his sadness before. That must be false but I like that idea.

So true, I feel the same sensation of happiness research. And after all, Chris needed it in that moment…

Ps: you have the nickname of my favourite Coldplay (and Jon!) track, I can only be agree with you! 🤣🤣🤣

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Hi guys!!! Last Monday an Italian newspaper published a brief interview with violinist Davide Rossi. I'm Italian and live in Italy, so I promptly went to the newsagent's and bought the paper. In


My special edition CD came early...so it's just leaked inside my house 😀

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I don't understand how they've been posting daily on socials lately but not actually shared info on launch times or confirmed whether LSG is a single or not. 

It launched midnight in Australia I believe so should be midnight in Italy and everywhere else too.

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9 minutes ago, kupiz said:

So true, I feel the same sensation of happiness research. And after all, Chris needed it in that moment…

Ps: you have the nickname of my favourite Coldplay (and Jon!) track, I can only be agree with you! 🤣🤣🤣

Haha thanks ! You mean that's Jon favourite track of the band too ? Didn't know that ! 

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45 minutes ago, The_Blue_Room said:

Hmm, that's strange. I downloaded a Dolby Atmos version of the album with the proper transitions but I couldn't find a correct stereo version. I wonder if it's correct on the CD?

My first listen was in the car so could be that. Getting the CD today so will have it on my proper stereo when I'm home so that might change my mind. 

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4 minutes ago, only.your.imagination said:

I find this timezone thing frustrating actually

I rather see it as New Zealanders are time travelers. It helps and also it goes with the well known Back To The Future thematic 🤪

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1 hour ago, kupiz said:

I am not very interested about critics opinions, sometimes they seem to want to impose their idea of coldplay beyond the real quality of the music produced.

“Here is the part of the Coldplay review where we need to discuss Chris’ eternally frustrating words. To his credit, the singer has admitted he’s not a great lyricist”. 

Wow! So original!

“And now the moment that all of you are waiting for: the lyrics”

Instead I’m much more interested in opinions on this forum, sincere, honest, both positive or negative.
My opinion is that this is an album that you may not like, but it works, it’s circular. Yes, probably many of you will not like it, but I feel that it seems to be consistent also in its dislike. In AHFOD, for example, I have the feeling of finding pop songs scattered here and there, while here I can consider all the album a real concept. About general quality a song like Coloratura is unrivaled compared to any song on that album. MOTS seems instead much closer to MX. I still remember the reaction of many of us (and myself for sure!) the news of Princess of China with a feat with Rihanna (Rihanna ???), or after  first listening of Para (paraparapara) dise. However, after many years, I believe that MX was an album with too many prejudices, that were partially overcome.
In conclusion, I’m quite satisfied about this album. Certanly it won't be the best in their catalog or the most inspired, but have an idea (good or wrong it be) and makes me appreciate even about worst part as a part of the whole. Just like us, poor Humankind!

I can only agree with this. Music in general is purely subjective, so this album may or may not like, but is clear to anyone that it has an idea behind, a concept. AHFOD for example, was a mix of songs, not connected from anything. I prefer to listen something that gives me the idea of been studied. In MOTS, there are some songs that I don’t like, but all in all is a good project for me. I’m hyped for MOTS II yet!

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My lazy review (not including interludes):

Higher Power: 8/10 fun fun last part better

Humankind: 6/10 bad lyrics, sounds ready for a sport event, might like later

Human Heart: 8/10 moving, i cry

People of the Pride: 8/10 more guitar please

Byutiful: 8/10 gets better everytime

My Universe: 7/10 fun, BTS best part

Infinity Sign: 6/10 nothing special

Coloratura: 10/10 doesn't deserve to be on this album, too good to be here, please make more like this

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Higher Power (8.0)

Humankind (9.5)

Let Somebody Go (8.5)

Human Heart (9.0)

People of the Pride (9.5)

Biutyful (5.5)

My Universe (6.5)

Infinity Sign (10)

Coloratura (10)


I'm sure a lot of these ratings seem on the high side but they are my favorite artist so I dont think it should be surprising? Compared to a lot of 5-6.5 range on GS. 

I think the claps give a little life to the beginning of Infinity Sign, especially when it starts out slow in the beginning so it doesn't drag. Also gives it a more dance-y feel. Not like in AoaL where it just feels shoehorned in to me because it's the lead single. 

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7 minutes ago, IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8 said:

Unpopular opinion: I think Coloratura isn’t all that great that people say. I give it 7/10 I prefer MU, HP, Buityful, HK, POTP and IS, LSG over it any day.





I think I'll have to ban you now. Sorry, no other choice.


(jk but holy shit HOW COULD YOU :shocked2:)

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It finally got released in my country yayyy! I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I love this album! I don't know if it's because I listen to many genres of music or if because this new album still had the magic quality Coldplay always has for me ; they bring me joy and make my heart feel lighter (even their sad songs) and they always seem genuine to me.

I expected POTP to be one of my favourites and I was right but I really enjoyed the rest of the songs as well! 

I think the songs will sound even greater live and might change some people's minds like AHFOD did. 

Can I also say that I'm so happy we still get new Coldplay content?? 


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