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Coldplay LP9 Rumours | Music of the Spheres | Vol. 1 released 15 October 2021

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Hi guys!!! Last Monday an Italian newspaper published a brief interview with violinist Davide Rossi. I'm Italian and live in Italy, so I promptly went to the newsagent's and bought the paper. In


this song is literally a career high, after 23 YEARS no one gets to complain about this album anymore for me, NO ONE, i'll protect it with my whole existence 🔪

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Just now, the_escapist said:

I don't think so but this detail in coldplay.com could give further credit to the thesis that the album will be titled Higher Power


I think that's just the single page that will hold the lyrics and info for the single itself

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Think I'm reading into this too much?

What is the likelihood an upcoming song will be related to electricity?


Unrelated just bought the `Higher Power Blue Tee`, like the back with the planet looking image.



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1 minute ago, JustSomeone said:

It's available alongside all previous album covers. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 18.14.22.png

Such mixed messages lol - Maybe they want to pass it as a stand alone single as much as possible until the album is announced? Because usually when they release singles they pass it off the banner of the previous era, Christmas lights, SJLT, their post-album EPs, etc, they're always part of the previous era... They seem to really have started a whole new era with this one so I am sure it'll evolve into an album announcement sometime soon, as  I had said, ETIAW was announced and released May-June 2011, but MX was only announced with the release and announcement of Paradise in September 2011... so I am geting flashbacks to that 

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hmm i'm on my laptop now blowing off class and I see what @JustSomeone was saying about the single cover next to all the albums. I sure hope the album is not called Higher Power, I'd rather it be a single with the album coming out later this year to build hype and more lore surrounding the album 🙂 working on the doc now

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4 minutes ago, TealAppeal said:

We can complete the alphabet now right? 

Yippee ♡




yes im downloading all the images from the website and compiling a complete alphabet. it dosent include numbers, but if you go to a random coldplay.com domain you get the numbers 404 in kotican, meaning apart from the stuff on coldplay.com/kaotican-alphabet/ we also have 7, 0, 4, and '

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12 minutes ago, the_escapist said:

Max Martin = pop sounding music

That's for sure. He has produced/co-produced a ridiculous amount of pop songs (including Orphans, let's not forget). And he's one the biggest pop producers out there. One thing for sure, Higher Power is aiming to be a very massive hit, let's see if it lives up the hype. The hype seems bigger than before any of the previous singles.

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13 minutes ago, Famous_Old_Painter said:

So it's not related to Music Of The Spheres?

As far as I'm aware no. I too was wondering this.

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So, my guesses are the following: the online Glastonbury event will feature new stage design (lots of neon 'glow in the dark' I think) and we'll see new outfits in action. Also probably there'll be more than one new song, at least new show intro.

Could be some raw feeling but that's okay at the very beginning of an era (remember MX summer festivals when we didn't know what MX even meant and first leg of the AHFOD tour in South America). 


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