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Hello, new member with a new piano!

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Hi everyone,

I've been waiting patiently for the new website to be completed so I can share with you guys an exciting new piano I acquired before lock down here in the UK.

Everyone - here is my KAWAI MP9000! I'm absolutely amazed to finally own this so I can sound like Chris Martin. I've been coping with a cheap keyboard and free VST's online to practice with, but after learning how to play The Scientist properly by Gabriele Passarelli, i finally sound like him.

I'm still relatively new to piano but I'm excited to join a community with other people who are enthusiastic as me.

Looking forward to discussing things with you all!

- Owen


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36 minutes ago, stephen said:

Dude, you're so lucky to have one of these. This is the perfect keyboard for Coldplay songs, I am so jealous!

Thanks man! I snapped it up quickly from eBay, there was only one person selling one so I bit the bullet and paid the import and shipping fees from the US! Is worth every penny though!

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