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LiveNation Alert Fans of a Potential Dec. 31 Coldplay Concert

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A Coldplaying team member has received an email from LiveNation alerting them that Coldplay has added a new show for Thursday, Dec 31st. Could this potentially mean a new album is in the works? Is this just a once off appearance or perhaps it could be a mistake?

All we know is that she received a similar email announcing Coldplay’s January show in the Hollywood Palladium.



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I think there meant to be something around this time (song release, album announce etc.) but it's delayed because of coronavirus. The shows were scheduled and would be announced after news but because of delay they are gone too. But LiveNation forgot to cancel it or something similar and that's why they got mail. This is my prediction.

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I also think it might have been an old cancelled date. Remember how last year the Love Button foundation talked about prizes for outstanding teachers being awarded in 2020, including tickets to potential upcoming Coldplay shows, with a deadline around October 2020 ? That would have fit the timeline. Bet everything is heavily delayed now due to the pandemic.

I wonder whether Global Goal Live will even go ahead later this year or be cancelled too.

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